Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calling for Photographers!!!!

I was browsing through the internet for photographers for my upcoming wedding...excited and chilled to the bones...had spent over an hour now browsing from one website to another, flipping to wedding pictures....just to get a feel of what each photographers had to offer.

I had to go through this because Arif photographer friend can't make it to our solemnisation and wedding ceremony at my side (sigh!!!!).

Some photographers actually published wedding packages price....again...hugh sigh!!!The price is VERY VERY PRICEY!!! I don't think my fiance would ever appreciate it...after he ask me to cut back on almost everything (downward loopsided grin).

*I'm in a moody mood now...everything feels utterlessly WRONG.....

But still, this is something I can not do without....I suppose I have to find a way to get it.

Anybody has any recommendations???Would appreciate some help here!!!!

Still, I just can't help but love these photographers...

1. Nurul & Suhaimi...they are just great.Had the chance to see them work on Azlina's wedding...just dig them! <http://www.nurulsuhaimi.com>
2. KidChan...hmm, who are we kidding here, right? <http://kidchanstudio.com>
3. Batrisya - his latest wedding photo's on the web look superb!!! <http://www.batrisyia.com>
4. Ke Wyn - though his photos looks nice, there is no Malay Wedding photos available for wiewing. Still, its a good one. <http://kewyn.com>
5. MagicClickers <http://www.magicclickers.com>

These are top 5 photographers I viewed today....u guys can view them via the URL link.

Nasib baik akak tak kena panic attack!!!

**Raf, kata nak pas photographer ko kat aku, mana nye???

Cut Back on My Handphone Usage???

The day starts with a massive jam on the way to office....it took me 30 minutes to drive to Damansara at a speed of less than 5km/h. The only radio station i manage to get hold of (since my radio aerial broke) was 95.8FM, and they are talking endlessly about their unforgettable Merdeka moments. No offence, on a normal, sunny and happy day, I won't mind their chit chattering...but today is not the day. I wish they blasted more tunes to hype up my non-so hype morning.

I had breakfast, and read the morning papers. Fatigue from yesterday 4 hour karoke session at RedBox was kicking in (the session, though fun, is tiring).I barely had adequate sleep...since I only manage to only doze of sometime at 2am.

Then my fiance called.

Since I got a message from Maxis today,screaming "U had reached the CREDIT LIMIT!Pay up or we'll BAR u!"....I then informed my dearly beloved that I my line will may soon be barred.

Then he goes "Maybe u should just cut back" and "i noticed u talk too much with your friends over the phone - maybe you should just cut it short and not do that anymore" so to speak.


That's like sentencing me to hell after the recently "Honey...U should cut down shopping!" (in which I did....depressingly!).

I'm already at the verge of tears...

Besides....I can trace majority of my calls to:
1.Him - yeah, especially to cater all the call me backs missed calls,and once (at least) in the morning to say good morning, once during lunch time and once before I go to bed....just maybe I should just not do all those anymore...sob sob!!
2.My mom (of course, I have to call my mom to check on her, and you expect me to only talk to my mom what, less than 10 minutes?),and;
3.The girls...and I don't even call them daily....

So after making me endure a painful time to contain myself from a hobby that makes me happiest....you expect me to turn to a hermit????

Aargh!!!I don't understand why I am in love with you!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Satu Lagi....

This guy proposed with 999 roses...how romatic!!!!

How does my fiance propose?
Don't ask...it's a tad unromantic...sigh!!!

Cerita Pencuri Kabel

I had the pleasure of going through my mails as soon as I get back from getting my coffe cravings cured at the 3rd floor cafeteria. Komala forwarded me mails of pics of what had eventually happened to a cabel thief who tried to steal TNB's cabel at Taman Indah recently.

The guy...found dead by electric shock was toast and suffered from 100% burn....sprawling on the floor, with gooey black thing (like oil) underneath his body.

*I shall not display the gory picture in my blog...to save everyone from it...

First and foremost...why the hell are these people clever enough to steal from a high voltage mini station? Not scared of electricution? You can even get electricuted if you steal a phone cabel....mind you, this is a TNB ministation!!!

That is just a pitiful way to die...now another ghost must be lingering somewhere...all shocked and confused...

OK, that's it for a tea-time story...cya all tomorrow!!!

I'm already craving for my cuppa...

Had lunch with my ex-PwC collegues back in the old office, and went straight to the office at 2pm.

Unfortunately my project (the one I'm suppose to be working on) is (again) put on halt....and I am (again) sitting aimlessly.Maybe I should pick up a hobby other than blogging...that somehow can occupy my time (while I am waiting), increase knowledge and skills (it obviously need to be benefecial for me right) and good enough to make me look good at work.

I have long since offered my services to a friend of mine to help on his accounting and consulting services jobs. Of late, I feel my experience had not been put to the test....and cobwebs and dusts are thickining over my under used brains. Not to say that I have nothing to do at all, its just that sometimes I wish there is something more that I could do, you know what I mean?

*oh..to date he still haven't called me...i suppose he didn't need any help...sigh...

And having a cuppa craving while I dwell over the feeling does not help.

Back when I was doing audit, I rant excessively on lack of time, enjoyment, space...call it whatever you want...after 4 years or so, the job was eating me up and there was just too much. Not that I hate audit...I love what I did, its just that the workload was at times a bit too much.

Now that all the loads are off...I'm ranting again. The spare time is good, with me having to prepare and think about my wedding, I still manage to get to go home, spend some me time, go out and have fun with my fiance and meet my friends. But it's making me feel bad because I feel that there is no leverage for me to further advance.

Whatever Bailey say about my career line, I personally think that there is a part of me that is independant and ambitious. I want to be able to stand on my own two feet, contribute to my family and derive satisfaction from what I do. Not being able to progress does not satisfy me.

*So I'm brushing off Bailey's prediction that I am going to be a "tai tai"... it just doesn't make sense!

But then I can't blame them if there's nothing to assign me to...or the job can't go through...sigh!!!!huge sigh!!!

Coffee cravings don't make me feel good..

Me...Blog Addict???

75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Miami Singles from Mingle2

Not bad ya...considering I am kinda hooked! Hahahah!

Adik Raf's Wedding at Sheraton Subang

Great Weekend!!!

Weekends are always good when there's good food, good time and a good company. This weekend is no exception....

My cousin Bailey is in town (again). Felt bad that I can't meet him on Friday night....we (being Raf, Zeti and myself) cancelled our clubbing plans since Raf and Zeti had something going on. I then decided that I'd love to have a night at home and sleep in early...after all the hectic wedding weekends I'd been having since July 1st.August will be just as hectic....with my kursus kahwin and wedding registry forms still screaming to get over and done with, my close cousin wedding in Kuala Pilah on the 18th and Fadli's wedding at Kelantan on the 23rd...jeez...not to forget Tina's engagement on the 1st of Sept....there's just so little time left for myself....

So I brave the rain on the Friday night and settled comfortably at home, and for the first time in months I finally manage to get to enjoy my lavender foot soak and foot scrub.....and my BodyShop African Spa Mineral Body Scrub. Truly refreshing....


Nothing much happened on Saturday...went to meet up a friend during the day...just spent the whole day lazing at her home and watch TV.

Later, met Bailey, David and Fiona at the new restaurant...Apartment....at the Curve...and had a good dinner.

The food was ok....but though the price looks reasonable in the menu, the serving is quite small. We ordered prawns, baked fish and pasta to share....and had chocolate mousse and peanut butter & kaya crepe for desert...the desert, I LOVE!!!!!!!

But if you are ever planning to go there...be equipped with a lot of patience, because the serving is super slow (despite the manager trying to reassure us that the food will only take 2 minutes to prepare....seriously, I waited almost half an hour for my ice water, what the F????).

*Sorry peeps...no pics of food was taken....so excited meeting my cuz that it slipped my mind....

That's kudos for good (ok la) food....the company on Saturday night was superb.

Bailey, in the attempt to impress Fiona, showed off his palm reading skills....

Ade ke he said that I'm going to go through a tough marriage and since my career line is barely visible, maybe I'm meant to be a tai tai...(erm...mak datin la so to speak).Hmm....but then to come to think of it...who mind being a mak datin if you have tonnes of dosh to spare???Hehe... thinking for a moment that money can buy everything....what a dream...

We called it an early night...because I have a 9 am date with Tina tomorrow...hehehe


I'm so excited to meet Tina....finally, we get to catch up!
But she's a no show.
Her mom had an athma attack and she's at the hospital with her.
Nevertheless, I had a good morning at CB Bangsar Village 2....I only left when I had my Egg's Ben Breakfast, 2 cuppa's and done with the Star and Sunday Times.

*no appetite....I only had half of my Egg's Ben*
*oh Tina....this is the Coach bag I am dying to show u....nice eh???*

Since there is no chance in meeting Tina....I head to Urban Retreat for an aromatheraphy thai massage....man it still feels good.

Later...I hung out for a while with a long lost friend I bumped into at the Curve on my way back....then met Arif for a while and had a rootbeer float at A&W PJ.

By 5.30pm...I'm driving chirpily home to get ready for Raf's sister reception dinner at Sheraton Subang....all in all....man, what a nice day......

Friday, July 27, 2007

Signing off...

OK peps...its Friday so cya on Monday!!!!

Fauziah Latif divorced again???

Deep deep down inside...I feel sad over the divorce.

After 10 years of marriage....once again another Malaysia's favourite star had followed the footsteps of NurAniza Idris, Nurul & Ajai, Aziz M.Osman and Sheilla Majid....its like divorce fever is running around the local celebs.

They always seems to look happy...in fact...she looks happy in all the SKII ads running on tv.

Sigh!!!I guess we outsiders can never judge how long a marriage can last..and she is one good actress to be able to mask all the public attention. Macam Nurul....

But why??? Nobody knows, and she won't tell...same case time dia bercerai with Budriz la, but then Budriz's philandering ways are public knowledge by the time it was all over...

Agaknya bila Siti Nurhaliza punya turn pulak???Dengar kata dah retak...though she denies all wrumours...especially of late when it was said that her hubby, Dato'K, hit her. Maybe the trip to Bali was great after all kan...and Siti is more or less macam my friend Gina kan....which explains the denial...perhaps...

OK, better not speculate.Tak pasal2 aku kena saman nanti. Pada sesapa yang kata ni solid fact....ni aku letak disclaimer awal2....ni personal opinion k...sebab tu ada word perhaps tadi...sebab it doesn't originate from any sources, just publicly known gossips - so I'm just stating the possibilities. Nanti mak masuk mahkamah macam Sharifah Aini nanti mana nak kaut duit bayar lawyer.

But this is not about Siti...this is about Gee.

Takpe la...maybe this is meant for the best. From all the fans out there, hope you are strong to go through whatever shit you're going through...plus whatever people say, they can talk as much as they like, you shouldn't bother coz they are not in your shoes. Nobody can judge you over the decisions that solely rest in both of you.

But I suppose you already knew that...

Hush Puppies Warehouse Clearance Sale at Armada Hotel , PJ

Hmmm....3 budak TS terlepas pergi Hush Puppies warehouse sale at Armada Hotel, PJ during lunch hour.

The sale started at 10 am...but who the hell can go that early?People have to earn a living here so that we can buy shoes....heheheh!

We arrived at the scene by 12.30 noon, the place packed, but still bearable (unlike FJ Benjamin's warehouse sale...that's craziness!!!)....but we are a bit unfortunate...though the time is still considered early by all means, most of the shoes are already out of size.

I manage to grab myself 2 pair of sandals...flatties la...tak larat la mak nak pakai high heels dah...dah berusia ni...at a very reasonable price. Komala can't find a thing (being among people at a famous shoe size category...thus, the size cepat habis) and Wei Liew found himself one leather shoe.

*the place - jam packed with people*
*line starting at the cashier counter*
*sape kata orang kebanyakan je pergi warehouse sale???*

Guess who i met at the sale?Cuba tengok betul2....Farah Fauzana la. Dia ingat in that pink baju kurung and oversized sunnies she can hide and nobody will notice...damn wrong ok...
Sorry la peeps...gambar goyang la, me nervous berdiri sebelah Farah masa ambik the pics..
And she borong more than 20 pairs of shoes...the poor guy next to her have to help her pay....
I'm happy....
P/S; to my dear honey...sorry la yang...kasut u semua out of size...men's shoe tinggal size 11 onwards...the one's yang nice la...kite beli kat Isetan je la ye....

La Senza's Sale Rocks!!!

While I was with Vanida yesterday...we drop by to La Senza to check out the sale..

Man it rocks!!

I got myself a pair of cotton pj's that is very comfy (at 70% off), a corset to match my see through kebaya (from the Sexy Lingerie Range....going at 50% off) and a pair of lace/crochet black night gown. All in all I only spent Rm200....so worth it ok....

Too bad they don't have the yoga pants no more...sigh!!!

When Karma Gets To You....

I was out shopping with a very good friend of mine yesterday, Vanida (bukan nama sebenar, nama sebenar tdak boleh disiarkan atas sebab2 tertentu bagi menjaga keselamatan kawan baik saya yang sorang ni).....and it has been ages since I last saw her. She moved away with her hubby a few months back (ermm... maybe years ago?I lost count) , so we haven't been seeing each other much since. Yet its good to meet up, though more than 50% of our time spent together yesterday was on browsing through the racks on sale and chit chattering about men's tie, belt and shirt (erm...don't ask...that will be a totally different story, in which if i write about that, i won't be able to write about karma), we manage to catch up on a piece of a very juicy gossip...of a common person we came to know way back (yeah...from way back) and is being eaten up by karma as we speak.

Most of you won't know Gina (bukan nama sebenar...obviously la, what do u take me for?), because she came from another circle of friends I know from school ( that I rarely hung out with). For those of you who hadn't had the pleasure to know Gina, here's a snapshot of facts on why she's our highlight for the day:

1.She looks like a very nice girl - at times softspoken, looks sweet, all the package - yet be deceived not - she's very vicious and she eliminates everything that goes along the way (yeah! the ELIMINATOR!!!!!! ).

2. She's so ambitious, she ditched her then boyfriend (very loyal person, head to heels in love with her and would die for her very honor, seriously, no kidding) for another's fiance....though the guy is a Class A Cassanova and is engaged, she manage to somehow change his mind, get him to ditch his fiance and marry her. On the question as to why she find this guy her "Mr Right", she quote ..."he's loving, charming and in fact the most sophisticated guy" she ever met.

*hmm...I don't think it cross her mind that the guy was no longer available to her at that time...plus if I was her (hmm, don't want to be, but if la...), I wont want to be anywhere near a guy who profess himself a Class A Cassanova and flirts like hell in front of his own fiance. And yes, I know his rich and a son of somebody somebody, but money can't buy everything right and a man is only good and worthy if he can stand up his own name, not his forefathers.

*by the way, the ex-boyfriend, John (also bukan nama sebenar) is now happily married to another girl, who love him just as much and treats him better than Gina. He settled down quietly and nobody ever made a fuss about him...cool.

3. After she got married, everybody thought its one "happy ending".....but jeez, this is one juicy "ever after" coming up....

How Karma Catch Up With Gina....

Sometimes, to talk about what Gina is facing now is pretty scary, though fun to chat about. Yet, maybe all of us can learn something from her experience...though Gina , herself, never seem to realise any wrong in her life so far. Let's just be like a person looking into fish bowl....Gina being the blowfish in it...on how cruel life can be....

# After she got married, she found out that her husband like thin and very skinny women. That's a trait he looks in every girl he fell interest upon. So she starve herself day in and day out...most of the time having only a bundle of fruits for lunch and nothing else for dinner. Yes, she got a 45kg body she dream of on her 5 feet height....but that's a little bit too overboard right? Mana ada org lepas kawin makan hati?

#Her husband still continues with his Casanova ways. He still refuse to give up flirting and he reason it out to his wife by saying that its this girls that has been into him, not the other way round. She blindly trusted him.

He remains in contact with a girl he admires (that had also later married to someone) and constantly bugging her in the middle of the night, while Gina's voice became the background music to his call. The girl's husband had to warn him to stay away from his wife!

He still find pleasure in dating thin and skimpy girls....and calls them and ask them out whenever possible. Another girl who caught his attention, who in fact irritated of his way, also claims that he frequently calls her after working hours with Gina's voice at the background, sometimes talking with the in-laws. Her boyfriend gave him a warning too...but he refuse to budge. I guess he thinks that there is no threat in warning of a boyfriend, as oppose to warning of a husband.

# Gina is in constant shadow of the woman in her husband's dreams, Luna (bukan nama sebenar), making her the benchmark of each and every action or decision she make. She have to have the same bag/shoe/outfit.....even better.....the same thing in all colors....with the cost of it driving her husband the Cassanova nuts of the way she is spending dosh.

I can never live in the shadow of another woman....if a man is in love with me, it's gonna be alone...not "together" with a ghost of his imagination. Even worse when the ghost is so much alive, working in the same department, sitting in front of you...and you get to watch she trots around happily every day, not bothering about you. Felt so invisble and useless....never will I put myself so low...never....

#Plus because of the above....trying to match Luna in every way attempt...she ends up spending so much money on stuff she doesn't need.

Imagine...Luna likes a pair of pumps at Kedai A....she starts getting the craze over the pump, and decided to get it herself. When she get to Kedai A, she realise that "oh!I think the pump look nice too in black, and Luna only has the one in red"...so to speak la.Since she can't make up her mind on which is better than the other, she ended up buying the crazed pumps in black, red(the one Luna got), not to mention in blue and all other available colors. If one pump is RM100, when Luna only cost herself so much to buy the pumps, Gina's cost multiplied by ...erm...you do the maths la.

So every Friday, she'll be sitting at her desk doing her maths....to balance out all her dues on shopping she had done so extravagantly.

Every Friday worried of credit card bills?That's pure torture babe, everybody knows that.

Some people find shopping a solace....a substitute to the depressed feelings we keep inside us, we gain pleasure by making a purchase, get a new make-up kit, where a new dress. Maybe Gina had no means of expressing her depression, constantly bugged by Luna's shadow, craving for her husband's attention....maybe despite the happy interior she's projecting to the public, deep inside she is just another lonely women.

Then she found out her's ex's wife was pregnant......

When she found out that John's wife, Alia (juga bukan nama sebenar, coz I can't recall his wife's name)....was pregnant, she got a shock of her life!

How could Alia....be pregnant, when she, married to another guy way earlier than John and Alia, is not???

*this is where I gave Vanida the "look" - I always thought that Gina never wanted to be pregnant. When Luna and Vanida was pregnant last year, she commented that she will never ever want to be pregnant, for she hate it if she'll look like a cow - all bloated, doubled....in case her hubby would not love her anymore because she's not skinny and thin (duh!!!as if he loves you now?)

The idea of her getting a shock surprised me....

But maybe God have other plans for John and Alia's baby....few weeks in the pregnancy, she had a miscarriage.

And the evil bitch clapped her hand and laugh. And she further said " I don't think they could ever make it...besides, Alia is not as beautiful as I am".

That is super CRUEL ok....now I hate Gina more than Bellatrix Letsrange.

And so to prove that she is better...she claims to everyone that she is trying to conceive, and month after month is another excitement of bearing a child. But so to pseak, a few months had passed but she's still not bearing one....there you go....

To make it even worse, the husband denied all rumors of them trying to conceive a baby.
What an arse!

Lesson to be learnt.....

1. Never marry a Cassanova - you'll be just inviting misery to your life

2. Never snatch another girl's man....you wouldn't know when your's will be snatched.

3. Find a guy who loves you for who you are, not who you can be...because if it's the latter, there's no content, there's always a never ending need to change because you are never really the person he sets his mind on.

4.Don't find pleasure in other people's misery...especially a miscarriage. Gina, what are you thinking?Why must you laugh and clap when John was sad over his loss. Hey, you dump the guy years back, and now you're vindicating his loss over you...as if he had done wrong???U calim him to be not so good enough for you...so scramp and move on with your Mr Right...leave him alone!

5. Payback for our deeds is paid by cash by God Almighty...he doesn't trust Visa and Mastercard....so no more credits to be taken to the after life I suppose.

*Dear God....I wish for forgiveness in advance and please...please, make me a better person out of this...I am but human....*

6. Count your clessings and be contented with what you have...sometimes what you wish for is not the best thing for you, let's not fail to realise that what each and everyone of us have at the moment is unique to our own and if we make the best out of it, we will be better off....at least better than Gina...

7. To all my friends....gosh I love u guys so much!If in any way you find yourself in Gina's shoes(straving yourself out, in denial of a cheating man, depressed and heavily reliant on retail therapy)...please do something....talk to us girls, be supportive, take charge of your life and change!You deserve better babes...because we are all educated and liberated women who can fend for ourselves and think of better things in life...we don't deserve to put ourself in this rut.

8. To Gina...if you ever suddenly find your way to reading this...get a life!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gambar me and my tunang....

I can't sit still doing nothing...its driving me crazy, plus, no one is in office...bummer.
Then Gopi left for tea without me, Wei Liew and Komala pulak busy, so I am left alone, with no one to entertain me.

So to keep myself busy,I snap a pic of the Cole Haan brochure...sebab gatal nak tunjuk kat everybody the bag...then while updating my blog, found our latest pics in my phone, the one we took last 2 weeks while waiting for Nazira, the girl that willbe making my cuppies for my wedding to come at Secret Recipe...so saje nak kongsi.

*My dearly beloved fiance...who loved me unconditionally...looking like he just got out of Azkaban...hahahahah!!*

*tengok...dia suka buat muka budak terkejut....saje je...do u know that in most of our pics together, he'll be wearing this exact same expression until i force him not to?? I hope my kids don't inherit this*

*another one...see, i told u....memang dia saje je suka act macam clown....kalau tak this face/pose, it'll be the pose macam abah2 pakai baju batik...heheheh!!!!*
Nasib baik he loves me unconditionally....hehehe

Now...I'm Crazy of Cole Haan's Bags....

Met Ika for lunch today....I felt like window shopping coz office today is quite a bore. Met Ika at 12pm and we start going from one designer shop to another....just to see if there is any bag(s) that I mightt fall in love with. You know what they say, pics can sometime be deceiving, and its best if we can see the actual stuff before we buy anything.

So we started at Tods, went around the 1st floor shops -TODS,Coach,Gucci, Prada, LV, Hermes, Chanel, Ferragamo, Dior - then went to the Melium group boutiques for Furla, Cole Haan and Aigner....we even paid Stuart Weizman for a visit, in case I can find "the" shoe.

The first few stores we went to does not interest either one of us...to come to think of it, we are a bit dissapointed with the choices they have. The Coach Bag I adore so much doesn't seem to feel right at the moment...it looks...hmm, how should I put it...normal.

Any bag above RM2k bag can't feel just "normal"....it has to feel great. Even the bags in TODS is a bit of a dissapointment. Of course, lets not go to the fact that it's overpriced but lets just say that there is not much of an attraction there....

After a while we decided to brave through shops that I never thought of setting foot in - Furla & Cole Haan. All this while I thought bags in these shops are only made for Mak Dat's - and the only person I know that carry their bags is my Aunt Aggie - damn she's nuts for Furla bags....

*Cole Haan's Village Crochet Bag*
As we step in Cole Haan, my eye instantly fell on the brochure and saw the Cole Haan Village Crochet Bag on its front page....damn, super nice ok!Even ika had to admit that the bag look gorgeous with the model (biting a bit of her creadit card to put her purse in the bag) with gorgeous hair....sigh....our sales assistant just smiled, I guessed she saw the look on our faces quite a number of times before. We queried on the bag....but she said its already out of stock. Apparently its one of its bestsellers and were all snatched up by the end of first week of its released...including the subsequent orders....

*Cole Haan's Village Triple Satchel Bag*

Then there it is, Cole Haan's Village Triple Satchel Bag, in white, at the second row corner at the left hand side of the shop...just beaming....both of us instantly fell in love....but ika is warned not to get anywhere near it....that bag is mine!!!! The leather felt perfect, everything seems just right.To illustrate the bag to everyone, I manage to get one of the net in black...hmm, not a personal choice but boleh la.... retail price is set at RM1750....no discount since Cole Haan is not on sale.

Takpe takpe.....mana tau kan...maybe one day it'll be on my shoulders...hehehe..

Spoiler Alert????

A friend of mine sent a message today...while I was driving out the KLCC carpark heading to office;

Lili (bukan nama sebenar) : Damn u go put HP spoiler on ur blog.Nasib baik i stoped at d part wer u said a lot of ppl died. N i cant comment cos i have no acct.

Me: Bole la comment

*I forgot that I put my comment setting allowed for registered users only...hehehe....that, is rectified. Now everyone can comment.

Lili: The blog doesn't allow anonymous comments la. Don't have google mail.
Ko g edit spoiler ahead.

Me:Apa 2?
*me very clueless...spoiler ahead???*

Lili: Warnings to those that read ur page to tell then u putting a review. Its standard term la go check any tv site sure got say spoiler ahead.

*hmm...my last entry considered review meh???its just thoughts...kalau review aku dari cerita dari A sampai Z*

Me:Tak payah. Kan terag2 tajuk tu....(*Finally, the end of a beautiful saga....siap ada gambar buku Harry Potter lagi...*). Kalau tak nak tau pasal the book sapa suruh ko baca?
Its not even a review, its general comment.

*P/s; Tina dh baca kan my last entry...kire review ke?????*

Sigh.....I don't think I need a spoiler alert...

Finally, the end of a beautiful saga....

I have manage to finish my final Harry Potter book last night...

Sakit belakang ok membaca day in and day out kat office...I really wish I had the comforts of my own bed while I read the book, but nevertheless, its ok, at least I'm done with it now.

Did Harry died???

If you need to know just flip through the last chapter la....then you would know (hahahah, I'm giving away tips...).Note that the fun is not at the ending....it's how you get there, so if you read the last chapter first, knowing what the ending is, you won't be able to appreciate the journey to the end.

A lot of people died....I guess that is norm in war. But somebody has to...

Tina cried halfway through the book (aah...I know u said that u almost cried, but babe, knowing u, I know that u actually cried, not almost cried....).I hit a sad spot when Dobby ,the house elf, died.

Remember Dobby?The one that Harry free'd?I think he's very cute.....ever since then, but I don't understand why in the movies, they have to make them look tiny and gaunt. The elves that I know while I grew up is small but not gaunt....like the ones in snow white...yeah, why can't they make them look like those elves instead....

And I have grown a soft spot for Kreacher (the Black family house elf, very grumpy, very bias to mudbloods...very loyal to the Black family, and was inherited by Harry when Sirius died and left the house to him)....yeah.....to people who have not read the book might ask why....but to those who have, you would love Kreacher if you loved Dobby. In this book Kreacher rocks!!!

Do I like the book??

Yeah, I like it.....it definitely explains a lot of things...like the fact that:

1.Snape is actually not a bad guy (what's with this JK Rowling, why must he be bad, then nice, then bad, then nice again??? Can't you just make him stick to one side? Oh yeah...he loved Lily Evans, duh?) And Snape being capable of love? Me surprised....me very surprised....

2. Dumbledore knows everything all along...or at least he guessed it.
3. All of us (including Harry) don't really understand Dumbledore since book 1....he's made to be too mysterious and secretive, it made us utterly confused which side he is actually on and what's his agenda. But at the end, he still turn out to love Harry...and that's fact that is shown in all the 7 books.
4. Harry Potter is one lucky kid....if you read thoroughly, his character is utterly clueless (and usually realises and understand something quite towards the end of anything, sigh) and he always get away from danger by chance, pure luck and tonnes of help from Ron and Hermione (and of course, the help of the rest of Dumbledore's Army members).

5.Yeah, Ron and Hermione kissed...sigh.....we were waiting for the moment for so long......

6. And if I were Harry, I wouldn't want to keep any of the Deathly Hallows either....except the Invisibility Cloak of course. Its jinxed by death...who the hell wants it? I don't think even death wants it back!

7. At last I understand why Harry have to die to (as said in the prophecy). I can't believe that he's one of the Horcruxes. But again, he's lucky. Lord V's stupidity actually backfires. Lesson to be learned if you want to be an ultimate villain (like Voldemort wants to be)....do your research first, have a foolproof plan, then only take over the world....this idiot does not study all the angles and experiment with magic he himself don't understand, in which at the end does not provide him with the competetive advantage.

8. Bellatrix Lestrange is one VERY EVIL lady.....she's so evil, I can't stop thinking of Helena Bonham Carter evil laugh when his character killed Sirius Black (with the big hair branching out like a tree and black dress, aargh!!!!) in the last movie everytime he came up in the book....that's one woman I would love to be rid off myself.

9. I hate the Malfoys....two faced ungrateful arse!They should be thought a huge lesson.....
10. I love it when they are fighting at Hogwarts. My best moment was when some of Lord V's minions blasted the castle, hit the armored mens to pieces and they say to Harry "Its fine, I'll just lie here and crumble"..... hahahahah!!!!

All in all its all good....yeah...its all good.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Since being pulled out from a job yesterday and back in office with (almost) nothing to do, I have been spending my spare time to (religiously) finish my Harry Potter book. And I am very fortunate today....having Boss A away from the office on MC....so I can contently sit back and concentrate on reading....without fear....

I am almost done now, but after 4 hours sitting on a chair reading and a platefull of curry ayam and rice for lunch, I found myself very sleepy. Now I remember why I prefer reading on my comfy bed at home....sigh.....it must be good to be on my bed, with my HP book, just tossing and turning around....

Nevertheless, I have a quest...a quest to finish the novel by the end of the day and be rid of all this questions that has been playing over my head non-stop since Half Blood Prince.

Yet, I can't help but think of my comfy bed and pillows at home....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CV Photo part 2

Just got a copy of the CV photo that they make me take last week.

Aarrgh!!!!Its super ugly....and it will be in every profesional CV for the department. Damn!!!!

I hate official photos....


Sunday was a very rainy day..... Had to wake up very early on Sunday morning to make it to Kajang by 11 am for a make-up trial...Tina hooked me up with a make-up artist somewhere there that is quite reasonably priced, so I took the liberty to check her out so I won't regret it on my wedding day.Besides, even the mak andam's back at home charge at least RM600 for one bridal make-up session, amatla overpriced ok, considering they are locals at Tampin....orang KL pun tak charge that much.

So, I drove to Arif's home to pick him up by 9 something....since he is the only one available so early on a weekend (and he's my fiance) and i'm farking clueless about kajang area (yeah2...i know my dad stays there, but I've never been there...except once, to send abang....but then I had mommy with me...)

I was ready by 12 noon....and attached is the result....it's ok I suppose, and she (or he?) is quite a nice person, I really feel comfortable having her around me. Plus her cat is so cute and cuddly!!!*Hehe...Tina, it's like your Bubu!!!*
By the time I reach KL and sent arif home it's already 2pm and raining heavily. Thank God we had satay at Kajang before driving back.
Since Arif can't be with me (coz he need to laundry....its Sunday, who ever do laundry in a rainy day anyway???), I drove straight to the Curve, park my CLK at P2, and head straight to Urban Retreat for a 90-minutes Herbal Compressed Treatment Massage. It was superb, I still feel very refreshed till today.

After, I just laze at Starbucks for a few hours, blogging on the weekend weddings.....until Raf joined me. We later went shopping (she just need to splurge and by tonnes of new clothes to wear...she shrunk from size 10 to 6, makan hati...heheh!).Tried my best not to dent my wallet, pay ain't banking till Thursday (sigh!!!!). Then we had dinner at Idaman with Shaz, Babat and Bayak.
By the time I reached home, I'm so tired, I just had a glimpse of my new HP book that I put on my bedside table and snooze till morning...And it was a good one.....with the cool night air due to the rain and all. Just love it!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Azlina's Reception at KL Tower

Saturday is a good day.....
I got to get my HP book from Tesco by 9 am
I get to get my brows done....
Then by noon, Jo and I hit the Peek-A-Boo salon at Taman Tun and got our hair done......
We arrive at KL Tower to help out with Azlina's wedding prep by 3pm....it was raining heavily, and Jo got pissed because she got shoo-ed off a parking lot..but everything went on great.
The whole night we took almost 100 pics.....here is some to share....
*before make-up - while waiting for izwain to arrive*
*Izwain happy with her hair do.....the highlight of her day*
*the main arch*
*if u look closely, u can see the view of KL....*
*Az bersiap.....Baby L doing make-up*
*the bridesmaids - all ready, terkandas dalam lift pun sempat ambil gambar*
*Miss Diva stress sebab terkandas and panas*
*Lin...adik Az*
*bosan menanti...apa lagi posing le*
*sebab yours truly jadi jurukamera kan...so I sorang la takde dalam this pic*
*Izwain showing off her humps*
*ok...the bride is ready
*the bride and her party*
The one thing that I love about weddings is that we get to meet friends that we havent met for ages...and dearly miss them...

Almost everyone was there...after the dinner we just had a blast taking more pics...
*Faizal and Arif....arif saja control macho...*
*that's Maznee's hubby in black suit....with Yin Mei*
*having a good time*
*dah kenyang*
The Wedding Party
Sebelum bersurai haruslah tangkap gambar everyone kan......
*Saint John band...on bagpipes....*
We're a tad dissapointed coz they are not in skirts...
*the bride and groom with Coda, the band*
*bride and groom*
*bride tossing bouquet...*
*and the bouquet goes to Ms Izwain...hahaha...lepas ni bolehla ko pulak have a wedding in the sky....muahahah!!!*
tapi harusla tunggu Mr Right tiba, kan......
Makan sirih lagi banyak wain......

Raf's sister akad nikah kenduri

Last Friday night, atas jemputan Cik Rafirah....kami ramai2 pun pergilah kenduri kahwin adik dia....pada sesapa yang excited ingat it's Raf's wedding.....sila tunggu lagi ye....adik dia, Ayu, kawin dulu.....tapi akak sporting, heheheh!tak kisah kan......

They had the dinner at home....just like when the elder sister got married some time last year. Sorry la ye gambo gelap sikit....lighting kurang la, then kamera aku kan tak power....

Yet, here are some nice snapshots to share.....

*the doorgift....sugar box that is oh so yummy to eat...yet so sweet nobody eats them...hahah. From schoffles*
*Raf and shaz dueting a number....kami yang lain semua tiba2 jadi pemalu....so diorg je nyanyi*
*Nizam yang telah lama menghilang*
*Era, Raf and Apak*

*ok...thats the beauties taking a break, hahahah!!!*
*Allana....anak ella yang amat cute....macam doll, kan???*
Dah la pandai tangkap gambar...siap dia sendiri nak quality control!!!
*Raf busy distributing the doorgifts*
*Kata kenduri kawin...harusla tangkap gambar kat pelamin kan???*