Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back To Work Again...and Durian Craving

Starting tomorrow, u may not find me blogging so frequently.
Reason being, I'll be away on a job at a target client's place....far far away from the office.

Not that I want to be dramatic or anything....I should be grateful that I am finally assigned to something...and not sitting my ass off in the office doing nothing (but blogging and chatting with Tina on and off...sigh!!!)

Tina ajak me makan durian, yeay!!!

Tapi bila nak pergi??Dah la the durian stalls are all the way at Wangsa Maju....and I'm not that good in picking up durians...

The last time I had durian was when I was dating Faizal....dia kaki durian, macam mak dia. They can eat durian like rice okeh!

Arif pulak not that type.

So gone la my durian glory days.....

I like pulut durian very much. In fact, pulut durian is one of my favourite food. I use to make mommy made it for me during durian season...sangat syok!!!Lepas ni kena belajar buat sendiri. The idea of me steming glutinous rice for hours and preparing my own durian gravy is totally out of the cook?Maybe when I have 2 kids growing up at home (yeah...besides, its not healthy to let the kids eat out too often, nanti dia kurang sayang mak!).

Hmm....I need nescafe....


TiNa zuRiana HusSain said...

whenever you are free, just drop by at melawati la.. we'll have one hell of a splendid durians galore, heheheh.. me soka durian jugakk.. sgt syiokkkk... :)

Zuraida said...

Tgk la odw balik dari make-up testing nanti....akan ku telepon nko di sana, hehehe