Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calling for Photographers!!!!

I was browsing through the internet for photographers for my upcoming wedding...excited and chilled to the bones...had spent over an hour now browsing from one website to another, flipping to wedding pictures....just to get a feel of what each photographers had to offer.

I had to go through this because Arif photographer friend can't make it to our solemnisation and wedding ceremony at my side (sigh!!!!).

Some photographers actually published wedding packages price....again...hugh sigh!!!The price is VERY VERY PRICEY!!! I don't think my fiance would ever appreciate it...after he ask me to cut back on almost everything (downward loopsided grin).

*I'm in a moody mood now...everything feels utterlessly WRONG.....

But still, this is something I can not do without....I suppose I have to find a way to get it.

Anybody has any recommendations???Would appreciate some help here!!!!

Still, I just can't help but love these photographers...

1. Nurul & Suhaimi...they are just great.Had the chance to see them work on Azlina's wedding...just dig them! <http://www.nurulsuhaimi.com>
2. KidChan...hmm, who are we kidding here, right? <http://kidchanstudio.com>
3. Batrisya - his latest wedding photo's on the web look superb!!! <http://www.batrisyia.com>
4. Ke Wyn - though his photos looks nice, there is no Malay Wedding photos available for wiewing. Still, its a good one. <http://kewyn.com>
5. MagicClickers <http://www.magicclickers.com>

These are top 5 photographers I viewed today....u guys can view them via the URL link.

Nasib baik akak tak kena panic attack!!!

**Raf, kata nak pas photographer ko kat aku, mana nye???


nicole richie said...

check out danielzain at www.danielzain.com
or u can try get the CIMB photographer. he did for my bro quite cheap n ok la. at least the whole family is happy with the photograph and most of all my bro is happy cos there aint any hole in his pocket.

Little Miss Dainty said...

hat's off! u really have all the time in the world to update your blog regularly huh?!33 posts in less than a month! (i took the effort to count ur posts!!)congratulations!
ngee..i envy u!

Zuraida said...

Little miss dainty who are you??

Really have to have house rules lined up in my blog....first time commenters must introduce themselves to me if they wanna use all this anonymous names....unless i knew about them already la like Ms Nicole Richie...

i'm checking the site...not bad not bad

ika said...

beb, she is someone from my blog. me dono her personally either but i like her comments. full of ayat power! hehe

KidChan said...
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KidChan said...

Hey Zuesarin!

Tahniah! Seriously i did not want to sound like i am peddling for sales, but you may be pleasantly surprise about by special malay wedding promotion. Full packages by our senior photographers (min. 8 years fulltime experience) starts from
RM1,500 upwards with complete album and all. you know where to find us:)

All the best!

Little Miss Dainty said...

Hahaha..i’m no Nicole Richies nor Paris Hilton!! Im just one of blog hopper who likes to read people’s blog! As ika would know (init darl??)…one blog will lead to another n I came across ur blog the same way as well.. reading other people’s blogs (especially the interesting ones) makes me happy.. ngee… im not a freak am i? hahaha.. well I enjoy reading blogs! So that’s that! So feel free to drop ur comments on my site.. but i don’t update my blog as often as u do!! (ika knows y 2!!).. hahaha… cheers mate!

Zuraida said...

KidChan, himself, baca blog aku????
I'm so touched!!!!

*air mata terharu berlinangan, hahahah

little miss dainty - welcome to my blog!!!!

TiNa HusSaiN said...


kidchan was here?!!!

i am super-duper terkejut!!!!!
hehehe.. hye kidchan.. :)