Friday, July 20, 2007

Can't wait to get my hands on Harry!!!

The book is out tomorrow, 21 July 2007, at 7 am....I can't wait to have one!!!!I have each and every one of HP book since Prisoner of Azkaban....I'm a die hard fan and will go crazy if I can't get hold of one tomorrow. Thank God the rehersal starts at 1pm tomorrow, and Jo and I had decided that we can't make it to the salon anyway to get our hair done for Az's reception the same night. So now, the money for the hair, will go to the book....sigh!!!!
Me dah tak sabar dah ni!!!


TiNa zuRiana HusSain said...

i pon dah tak sabar.. tapi tak tau nak beli ke tak.. maybe pinjam dari u je kot, hahahaha.. ;p

Zuraida said...

Hari sabtu pagi2 i dah pegi TESCO dengan my sister ok....amat murah!!!!baru RM69.90....