Monday, July 30, 2007

Cerita Pencuri Kabel

I had the pleasure of going through my mails as soon as I get back from getting my coffe cravings cured at the 3rd floor cafeteria. Komala forwarded me mails of pics of what had eventually happened to a cabel thief who tried to steal TNB's cabel at Taman Indah recently.

The guy...found dead by electric shock was toast and suffered from 100% burn....sprawling on the floor, with gooey black thing (like oil) underneath his body.

*I shall not display the gory picture in my save everyone from it...

First and foremost...why the hell are these people clever enough to steal from a high voltage mini station? Not scared of electricution? You can even get electricuted if you steal a phone cabel....mind you, this is a TNB ministation!!!

That is just a pitiful way to another ghost must be lingering somewhere...all shocked and confused...

OK, that's it for a tea-time story...cya all tomorrow!!!

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