Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crazy about Bags!!!! I have nothing to do all day.....and the only thing I can do is surf the net.

So I put my free time to good use....finding the "IT" bag that everyone (hmm...i mean the "it" ones) will just go crazy about.

And its also research for the that I'll get Arif to get me for the wedding in December. Besides, its not that I get to have designer handbags everyday..... So here you ten "IT" bag for the season......
*Chloe Paddington Bag*
This is the most lovable of all.....but pretty rare...
Its so hard to find, even celebritis is put on waiting list....(huge sigh!!!, so we all can keep dreaming of it!)

*TODS D Bag in Alligator*

*COACH Hamptons Signature Perforated CarryAll in Black*

my love at first sight!!!(sigh)

*COACH Signature Stripes*

ok la...not too much, not too little

*TODS T Bag in Avechetta*

*Dior Detective Bag*

Me proud to have one (without the pockets, of course) in brown.... I'm not much of a pocket person, if you know what I mean...

*COACH Legacy Signature Cotton Satchel*

I would love to bring this on walks.....

*Dior Jenna Bag*

The craze of the season.

Made of calf skin...its so soft, you will die just by touching it!

*COACH Hamptons Signature Perforated CarryAll in Brown*

This one is a bot more conventional la...still, I think the black one is nicer, but if I can't get the black one, this is ok...i suppose.

*Burberry check shoulder bag*
cute kan???reminds me of an oversized worm...hehehe
of course it won't look like a worm on the shoulders....
Pic not available
*Balenciaga Leather Tote Bag*
Delicious...I have one in Blue....still crazy about it till today!!!
Kan best if I can get them all???

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