Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cut Back on My Handphone Usage???

The day starts with a massive jam on the way to office....it took me 30 minutes to drive to Damansara at a speed of less than 5km/h. The only radio station i manage to get hold of (since my radio aerial broke) was 95.8FM, and they are talking endlessly about their unforgettable Merdeka moments. No offence, on a normal, sunny and happy day, I won't mind their chit chattering...but today is not the day. I wish they blasted more tunes to hype up my non-so hype morning.

I had breakfast, and read the morning papers. Fatigue from yesterday 4 hour karoke session at RedBox was kicking in (the session, though fun, is tiring).I barely had adequate sleep...since I only manage to only doze of sometime at 2am.

Then my fiance called.

Since I got a message from Maxis today,screaming "U had reached the CREDIT LIMIT!Pay up or we'll BAR u!"....I then informed my dearly beloved that I my line will may soon be barred.

Then he goes "Maybe u should just cut back" and "i noticed u talk too much with your friends over the phone - maybe you should just cut it short and not do that anymore" so to speak.


That's like sentencing me to hell after the recently "Honey...U should cut down shopping!" (in which I did....depressingly!).

I'm already at the verge of tears...

Besides....I can trace majority of my calls to:
1.Him - yeah, especially to cater all the call me backs missed calls,and once (at least) in the morning to say good morning, once during lunch time and once before I go to bed....just maybe I should just not do all those anymore...sob sob!!
2.My mom (of course, I have to call my mom to check on her, and you expect me to only talk to my mom what, less than 10 minutes?),and;
3.The girls...and I don't even call them daily....

So after making me endure a painful time to contain myself from a hobby that makes me happiest....you expect me to turn to a hermit????

Aargh!!!I don't understand why I am in love with you!

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