Friday, July 27, 2007

Hush Puppies Warehouse Clearance Sale at Armada Hotel , PJ

Hmmm....3 budak TS terlepas pergi Hush Puppies warehouse sale at Armada Hotel, PJ during lunch hour.

The sale started at 10 am...but who the hell can go that early?People have to earn a living here so that we can buy shoes....heheheh!

We arrived at the scene by 12.30 noon, the place packed, but still bearable (unlike FJ Benjamin's warehouse sale...that's craziness!!!)....but we are a bit unfortunate...though the time is still considered early by all means, most of the shoes are already out of size.

I manage to grab myself 2 pair of sandals...flatties la...tak larat la mak nak pakai high heels dah...dah berusia a very reasonable price. Komala can't find a thing (being among people at a famous shoe size category...thus, the size cepat habis) and Wei Liew found himself one leather shoe.

*the place - jam packed with people*
*line starting at the cashier counter*
*sape kata orang kebanyakan je pergi warehouse sale???*

Guess who i met at the sale?Cuba tengok betul2....Farah Fauzana la. Dia ingat in that pink baju kurung and oversized sunnies she can hide and nobody will notice...damn wrong ok...
Sorry la peeps...gambar goyang la, me nervous berdiri sebelah Farah masa ambik the pics..
And she borong more than 20 pairs of shoes...the poor guy next to her have to help her pay....
I'm happy....
P/S; to my dear honey...sorry la yang...kasut u semua out of's shoe tinggal size 11 onwards...the one's yang nice la...kite beli kat Isetan je la ye....

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