Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm already craving for my cuppa...

Had lunch with my ex-PwC collegues back in the old office, and went straight to the office at 2pm.

Unfortunately my project (the one I'm suppose to be working on) is (again) put on halt....and I am (again) sitting aimlessly.Maybe I should pick up a hobby other than blogging...that somehow can occupy my time (while I am waiting), increase knowledge and skills (it obviously need to be benefecial for me right) and good enough to make me look good at work.

I have long since offered my services to a friend of mine to help on his accounting and consulting services jobs. Of late, I feel my experience had not been put to the test....and cobwebs and dusts are thickining over my under used brains. Not to say that I have nothing to do at all, its just that sometimes I wish there is something more that I could do, you know what I mean?

* date he still haven't called me...i suppose he didn't need any help...sigh...

And having a cuppa craving while I dwell over the feeling does not help.

Back when I was doing audit, I rant excessively on lack of time, enjoyment, it whatever you want...after 4 years or so, the job was eating me up and there was just too much. Not that I hate audit...I love what I did, its just that the workload was at times a bit too much.

Now that all the loads are off...I'm ranting again. The spare time is good, with me having to prepare and think about my wedding, I still manage to get to go home, spend some me time, go out and have fun with my fiance and meet my friends. But it's making me feel bad because I feel that there is no leverage for me to further advance.

Whatever Bailey say about my career line, I personally think that there is a part of me that is independant and ambitious. I want to be able to stand on my own two feet, contribute to my family and derive satisfaction from what I do. Not being able to progress does not satisfy me.

*So I'm brushing off Bailey's prediction that I am going to be a "tai tai"... it just doesn't make sense!

But then I can't blame them if there's nothing to assign me to...or the job can't go through...sigh!!!!huge sigh!!!

Coffee cravings don't make me feel good..

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