Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sunday was a very rainy day..... Had to wake up very early on Sunday morning to make it to Kajang by 11 am for a make-up trial...Tina hooked me up with a make-up artist somewhere there that is quite reasonably priced, so I took the liberty to check her out so I won't regret it on my wedding day.Besides, even the mak andam's back at home charge at least RM600 for one bridal make-up session, amatla overpriced ok, considering they are locals at Tampin....orang KL pun tak charge that much.

So, I drove to Arif's home to pick him up by 9 something....since he is the only one available so early on a weekend (and he's my fiance) and i'm farking clueless about kajang area (yeah2...i know my dad stays there, but I've never been there...except once, to send abang....but then I had mommy with me...)

I was ready by 12 noon....and attached is the result....it's ok I suppose, and she (or he?) is quite a nice person, I really feel comfortable having her around me. Plus her cat is so cute and cuddly!!!*Hehe...Tina, it's like your Bubu!!!*
By the time I reach KL and sent arif home it's already 2pm and raining heavily. Thank God we had satay at Kajang before driving back.
Since Arif can't be with me (coz he need to laundry....its Sunday, who ever do laundry in a rainy day anyway???), I drove straight to the Curve, park my CLK at P2, and head straight to Urban Retreat for a 90-minutes Herbal Compressed Treatment Massage. It was superb, I still feel very refreshed till today.

After, I just laze at Starbucks for a few hours, blogging on the weekend weddings.....until Raf joined me. We later went shopping (she just need to splurge and by tonnes of new clothes to wear...she shrunk from size 10 to 6, makan hati...heheh!).Tried my best not to dent my wallet, pay ain't banking till Thursday (sigh!!!!). Then we had dinner at Idaman with Shaz, Babat and Bayak.
By the time I reached home, I'm so tired, I just had a glimpse of my new HP book that I put on my bedside table and snooze till morning...And it was a good one.....with the cool night air due to the rain and all. Just love it!

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