Friday, July 20, 2007

Zarina and Leman's Ipoh Wedding Reception Photo's

Although it's a short wedding reception (due to utmost unfortunate circumstances....), we manage to snap some photo's (still, hehehe).

To Zarina and Leman....hang on there peeps. My condolences.....but rest assure, maybe God has better plans in store for you guys, and such hiccup is meant to test you so that you may be given better things in life.....

*chilling at Zarina's suite*

*raf terlebih chill...hehehe*

*tak dapat tangkap gambar dengan pengantin....tangkap gambar dengan gambar pengantin pun jadi la*

*the presents...kan best kalau dapat bukak??*
*endran, louisa and izwain at the banquet hall*
*shaz, raf and me at the banquet hall*
*lapar....and the lauk nampak sedap.... the kerabu udang memang sedap pun*
*the doorgift*
*ayong...kakak zarina*
I would love to publish zarina's hen's night photos...but then I think again...maybe not, hehehe!

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