Friday, August 31, 2007

Posting from Cathay Cineleisure

How cool is it that you can access the internet from the movies???

I know...its kinda early (now 10.45 am) to be here on a holiday....but I've been sleeping since 8pm last night...I'm so tired of it dy and what better way to spend free time than watching a movie with arif...besides, being this early means no que, no jam and free seat insured..

I went home early yesterday...i cannot tahan the coughing no longer. Went to see Kak Siti just to find out my kebaya dia terlupa nak jahit!!!So hari sabtu baru dia suruh datang balik ambil...pagi in the wee hours of morning, so I can wear them during Tina's engagement party that noon.Sigh!!!

I tapau fishball meehoon soup from the market..went home then after a very nice bowl is finished...donn on 3 big spoons of cough syrups (which is wayyyyyyy more than prescribed) and go to lala land...

The night is very bad...well that's an understatement, its HELL!!! I keep on waking up in the middle of the night coughing the hell out of it, throat bursting like being bomb every single time...and everything sort of hit its finale when i vomited everything between my stomach and my's no dream took me a solid hour in the excruciatingly take them all out.

So that's why i woke up so breezy at 9amthis morning...called arif, ajak him for breakfast and movies....and while waiting, had a long shower...wash my hair, put on my hair mask..had a mini home spa session and top everything with cooling magnolia lotion.

The cough is still there, but way better than yesterday, alhamdulillah. Today would be a much better day.

Oh....and Happy Merdeka Day Peeps....

I want to write something about mereka...but really out of ideas at the moment. Maybe next year!

P/s: I heard Prince Edwards from England is here????

ok "Black Sheep"movie is starting pretty soon...I'll update u guys about it later. Seriously, a story about man-eating sheeps can only be very bad or very good.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stuck in a teleconference hell???

God...time2 aku batuk macam orang nak mati ni la dia nak suruh aku sit in teleconference...amat tak soka ok!!!

It doesn't help that I had fried rice for lunch (yeah, orang batuk mana boleh makan nasi goreng!!!)...batuk ni dah makin menjadi2 sejak i balik tadi.Boleh tahan lagi, until lady bos surug sit in for teleconferencing dengan dah la tengah batuk tak ingat ni, biar benar...

she insisted..and since I am such a kucirat (ku sedar diriku yang kecil dan lemah ni, hehehe!), terpaksa la dengar.


Puas la mak menahan batuk yang bagaikan kertas pasir dirub2 kat tekak ni....merah muka aku beb!!!

nasib baik after 30 minutes, a lawyer is suppose to go in and they kick me out...I happily excuse myself...heheheh!

An hour more to go to check out time.....

Tak sabarnya tomorrow cuti!!!

Yeah yeah yeah...I've been hyped about tomorrow's public holiday since yesterday....macam tak pernah cuti pulak...not that I am going anywhere out of town for the long holidays...

Since yesterday, I have managed to get a few things done, among them are...

1. Get my nails done.
Rushed to Saluga Saloon after work yesterday for a 7pm I have my nails all so nicely done...beaming!Never ever would I miss a manicure session again!I just can't stop staring at my perfect!

2.Go to the clinic and get medication
After the manicure and dinner of chicken porridge with arif, the oh-so-exhausted-and-very-irritated me was taken to the clinic to claim proper medication to cure my cough. I went to bed early last night so that I can get adequate rest...though woke up super lazy this morning and still having the most irritating cough ever, ut felt a bit better because at least my throat doesn't feel like being brusghed with sand paper!

3. Spring clean my desk
Server was down this no access to the world wide web.Nothing to do as well since no later feedback (thank God!) plus the broken down server doesn't allow proper mails going in and out.

So what's a bored girl to do?Sick of piling nonsense on my desk and the fact that I am at the verge of no longer being able to find whatever I want/need lately....I start cleaning up...sorting file, dispensing trash, reorganising my drawers....3 hours later, my desk is clean and good...I am so proud of myself.Even my kiasu files are all properly segregated and organised, something I have never manage to do all these years.

*Kiasu files - files where you put all your emergency documents, in case you need them.

Usually I will just stack all my kiasu documents in a folder and shove them at a corner...never even bothered to look at them till the time I need to throw them out...maybe in 2 or 3 years time later (or when I am really sure that I will never ever need them again). But today, I manage to properly file them in a folder, even separate by header and titles. I bet if I have more time I'll start labelling them..heheh!!!

4. Call kak siti to pick up my baju kebaya later after work!!!
Finally, my kebaya is ready for pick up. Had scheduled to meet them up later after excited!!!

That will be my baju raya for the year...two pair of chiffon kebaya (grey and blue) the sequinned baju kurung I got from Mama Ros last week.Maybe if I have spare cash sometime next month I'll go and get a light pink french lace to match the kanin batik Indonesia I bought with mommy last week on our trip to Pengkalan Kubu, and have another kebaya done for Raya Haji.

Picking up the kebaya will reap another RM250 from my purse...kuang kuang kuang.....a sum I feel very hard to part with but in this case, have to do so, because its necessary....otherwise I won't have anything to wear anymore.

Have I told you that I almost outgrown all the clothes I have in my closet?

I vow to give away everything I outgrown after Raya...that means parting with half of my baju kebaya/kurung collection....almost 3/4 of my working clothes and other casual sedey...but what's the point of holding on it for so long right??? Maybe I can make some unfortunate people out there happy....nah!

The restocking of my wardrobe is going to kill me I tell away so much clothes means I will have to start shopping for new ones....and lately with the added weight, I don't seem to feel happy anymore shopping for clothes. (*That's why I keep on splurging on bags and shoes..ish tak patut...nanti ada kasut and bag, baju takde?).But I can't avoid it no longer...terpaksa dah....maybe I should start with getting working clothes first (skirt, shirt- sangat perlu, baru tersedar i banyak giveaway shirt before I move to Taman Tun, pants - harap la ada size lagi, hehehe!) and a pair or two court shoes.At least I have to stock up enough clothes to last me for a week.

But if I have to restock later, I vow to keep my wardrobe down to only one as compared to 2 that later when arif has to move in, i won't have problems to create him some space...

Dah lepas lunch ni terasa mengatuk pulak...and its not helping that I have to take cough medicine....lagi drowsy nanti...nak tido tak boleh, nak buat something takde mood...kalau lari balik jap boleh???yeah right, in my dreams...nanti tak pasal2 lady telepon, gabra pulak nanti.

OK la, nak pergi buat milo jap...ciao!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bestnya Friday Cuti!!! So esok last day kerja for the week....

I love public holidays!!!It means no working day...huhu!!!

And Friday is a public holiday, coz it's Independance Day....means that tomorrow is the last working day for the sooooo excited.

Despite the sore throat and painful coughing that I had to endure all day , (plus the stress of running around aimlessly), I felt light and happy....because it feels like it's just Monday.....and the week had flown away very very fast. Walaupun tak best sakit masa cuti, at least cuti kan..lepas ni bulan puasa, sebulan takde cuti sampai inila masa nak bersukaria...

Plans for the long weekend???

Ntah la, nothing is confirmed yet....but a few options had been racing in my mind...

1.Dok umah tido....
Sleep....the luxury I have not had enough with since last week...I feel like I can use more and more of it. Maybe if the coughing gets really really bad, this is the option I would definitely can not dismiss...makan ubat batuk kuat tahap gaban the tido macam orang mati....blissfull...

2. Go on a movie marathon....
Yeah...I have a tonne of movies to watch...especially Ratatouille....

3.Go for a mani and pedi...
My kuku sudah nampak amat tak terurus...its either I find a way to get it done tomorrow during lunch (means that I have to skip lunch) or get it done over the weekends...and its very very important since this Saturday is Tina's engagement party, so kuku kena nampak hot!heheh!

4.Pegi lepak ngan chill gang....
Dengar kata nak pergi clubbing, but the last time I went out clubbing (that was last 2 weeks or so) I end up with an excruciatingly painful leg...lagipun nanti KL jam la....semua orang keluar, jalan tutup lagi sebab perarakan Hari Merdeka, so jalan mesti sesak.'ll be fun to just hang out, even if it's just at a mamak stall.

p/s; tolongla jangan karoke....sakit tekak ni!!!

5. Dating ngan arif
Hmmm...boleh consider. Lately dia asyik penat je kalau ajak jalan, plus he is not the shopping type tu. Tengok la nanti...

6. Balik an empty home
Mama tak balik lagi dari no point la sebab tak de orang kat umah, kan???

7. Of course...pergi engagement Tina on Saturday...
Itu highlight of the week...mesti la tak lupa....wouldn't miss it for the world babe...

In case all the above fails, I can always....
1. Read a book...banyak gila novel aku beli since last year tapi still Izwain punya pasal la ni...

2. Do home spa....I'm already equipped with everything - body scrub (all the ranges, from herbal tob oth fruity and floral, you can take your pick), body mask (and risk lying naked in the living room, hmmm), body soak, body almost 10 types of lotion (hmm, maybe more) for a lot of different reasons (dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, whitening, tanning etc) - so I can do it anytime I please. Its just that it'll get kind a bored after a while...

3. Go to the gym - on a holiday???No, no, no....

4. Spring clean!!!!!

Wow!!! That's more than 10 things I can do over the long weekend...can't wait!

Yesterday's Movie Night

I was busy like a bee the whole day....and feeling somewhat confused plus a bit frustrated because it seems like I've been beating around the bushes all day following up on a job that never seem to end.Was working on one reconciliation and another while searching for information that was suppose to be disclosed but don't know's like searching for a needle in a haystack....super depressing. Nasib baik ada Farouq, who was helping me run up and down to the filing room to get all the files...kalau tak mau aku moody hari ni...

My coughing ain't making me feel any better. I hate dry coughs. It hurts your throat everytime you coagh....macam kertas pasir je rasanya. I am so going to rush back 5.30 sharp so that I can go to the clinic and get something....biar yang kuat2 sikit....elok lagi kalau the thing make me doze that I won't feel this excruciating pain everytime my throat felt irritated and let out a cough macam orang sakit tibi.

Seriously, I feel like people look at me as if I kena some horrible disease.

By the way, Arif and I went out to the movies last night. He wanted to watch Suster Ngesot, an Indonesian horror flick so we rush to Cinelesisure to catch the movie after work. The story is so about (so called) sexy nurse who was murdered and seeks revenge against other (so-called) sexy nurses....babe, I pick up the sexy bit on GSC's movie review over the lame....I don't understand why they must use the word in the first if everybody nanti berkejaran nak tengok the movie because of the (so-called) sexy nurses.
It turns out to be that the movie won't be on till 9.20pm....that's super late for someone who's already there at we had dinner at Italiannies, and decided to catch any other earlier show...

By the time we finish our dinner, its already 7.15pm.....and the next show is either Rouge Assasin (starring Jet Li and the transporter guy) and Train of the Dead, a Thai movie of a group of thugs who board a train that carries dead people to the afterlife.

Sebab nak sangat tengok horror flick....kitorang pun belila tiket cerita siam tu....boy what a mistake!!!

The storyline is predictable, CGI poorly done and the only attraction to the movie was the cute actor who look like Yusry KRU (I suppose, if that is ever considered cute).Sangat menyesal tak tengok Jet Li. Not to mention u can see everything that was kira cerita hantu siam gred C....langsung not worth the watch.

Tapi takpe la...nak buat macam mana. Kalau Ratatouille ada free seat time tu dah lama dah aku pergi tengok chef tikus ni, mesti lagi syok, but of course, the show was fully booked. So maybe that'll be the show we will go and watch next....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

4 Things....

I am TAGGED by Tina chenta hatiku....

*Sorry la babe...hari ni agak bz la sket, and YM pun macam haprak tak dapat nak chit chat with you macam biasa...tapi esok lunch on kan?*

So here it goes....

4 things that scare me
(hmmm...define scary??? really2 scared or just plain scared??)
  • When I was young...jerawat batu!!!!Pimples popping like mushrooms that never seem to want to vanish - forever...
  • Not having enough dosh/mulahs!!!.....I have to admit....I am vain and I can't endure suffering....I'm a spoilt brat and I can never be poor...because it'll just kill me.
  • Accident - and perhaps tragecally dying in one - what a bad bad way to go to afterlife.... (hmm, do you think that ppl that die in an accident will go to wherever they need to go as horrid as they end up on earth? Perhaps i watch too much TV).
  • Ghost, bad spirits....yeah, sometimes I lemah semangat matter how tough I seem to look, I can't seem to shake off some eary feeling. But I love horror movies....besides, what happens in the movies is suppose to stay there, right??

4 people who makes me laugh

  • My fiance, friend and lover (is that 3??)
  • My chill gang
  • Tina....hahahahah!A huge one!
  • Of course, my family la.

4 things that I love

  • SHOPPING!!!!!All in caps!!!!
  • The Spa... who can resist love and pampering?
  • My CLK....who braved the roads with me, shelter me during rain and shine, took a hit(and scratch-ermm...more than once) for me.....oh i'm getting sentimental.
  • Movies!!!! Big time!!!

4 things that I hate

  • Being broke (back to top on seriously can't live without mooolahs!!!)
  • The weighting scale....Argh!!!!
  • The gym.....when its surrounded by perfect looking people and it makes me feel horrid (sigh!!!)
  • Hypocrites and posers!!!Don't make me say any word more!

4 Things that I don't understand

  • My complicated heart
  • My dysfunctional wandering mind....never ask me to explain them, I never can
  • The need to gain weight when you eat the food you love....kan best kalau chocolate takde kalori?
  • My dad - that's one guy I can never understand

4 things on my desk

  • My laptop
  • My phone (the black desk phone)
  • Tissue box
  • My mug

4 Things I'm doing right now

  • Thinking of tonight's movies
  • Blogging
  • checking the email Lady Boss just sent - sigh, ada ke hantar mail time2 nak balik?What to do...
  • Clear my desk...despite the mail I still nak balik...

4 things I want to do before I die

  • Repent on all my sins
  • Go for Haji, insya-allah
  • Tour the world.....hmm, I'm planning one major place per year, starts next year...achievable tak one whole world before I die?
  • Get married, have kids, settle down and be with my love

4 simple things to describe my personality

  • Friendly
  • Loving...very.......................
  • Conventional
  • Loud! Hahahaha!

4 things I can't do....

  • Go back and turn time...undo my past, change my history....I guess what I can do is live with it and try to get the most of what I have now
  • Slim down....sangat la sedey!!!!!!!!!!!! (p/s: My mom say its in the state of mind....alamatnya ni pun aku fail......)
  • I pun tak boleh potong rambut pendek...or pakai skirt too pendek....terasa amat buruk... so bob ala-ala rihanna is soooo not me...
  • Live without the people around me...I'll go mad!!!!

There...kan dah siap....and boleh balik dah nak tengok Suster Ngesot kat Cineleisure...

So now yours truly wish to tag...

  • puterikurekure
  • xoxo
  • ika
  • zie the daydreamer

okla...ciao'ing babes.


A Very Long Update

Updates, updates, updates...the serial blogger had to live without the luxury of the internet connection for a week and look at the huge amount of updates to its illustrated with pics ( u guys won't find my life boring!!!)...

Masuk2 ofis pagi ni je dah busy prepare for a client meeting and rush out...not back to my desk till 12pm (phewh!!!). Itupun nasib baik Lady Bos ada meeting at 12...kalau tak dok la kat meeting tu sampai petang (heheh!).

I finally had my phone unbarred!!!! (thanks to my paycheque that had finally arrived on Sunday...) and I'm buzzing like a bee again...nothing makes me more happier than to communicate with my gal pals....I miss them so much!!!!

In fact...I manage to hook up with the Chill Gang (raf, Izwain and Shaz....amat lama tak jumpa ok...seabad rasanya) for dinner at Muhibbah last night. Though tired, I am very very happy to finally be able to get together...almaklum la, lately almost everyone is busy with work.

Gopi Resigned...

He left the firm last week after being with us for over more than a will surely be missed man....especially during department trips and do's..

P/s: Gopi,U remember what happen to u at Sanctuary?Classic!!

*Esteemed collegue and friend....your presence will be dearly missed (especially during tea time...hahahah!)*

KPMG had our Community Day Yesterday.... day with no work and all play makes everybody very very enthusiastic and happy!!!Though it meant picking up rubbish at the "already-(almost)-clean" FRIM....The whole department was there celebrating the event...I have a pic in which take ages to download (finally!!!!).

We are all clad in bright blue t-shirts and equipped with gloves that makes us sweat like mad! Sebijik macam buruh binaan...hahaha!Some of us took the chance to go for the Canopy Walk after we have concluded our necessary chores. I on the other hand, opted to stay at camp and wait for food, because I don't wish to tire myself even more after the much exhausting weekend.

Too bad Gopi ain't around....

My Trip Back From Kelantan

What to say? I'm at lost of words.....scroll on....

*Me...half bored since my flight was delayed for more than an I was stuck at the airport's waiting area for what feels like a million years....look at me....all tired, with dark circles around my eyes, hair limp and lifeless....nasib baik I took a shower before rushing to the airport...otherwise I'll be super cranky over my utterless frustration over AirAsia's sucky service. So call "no-frills" flights are now getting to my nerve.....*

*I am not the only one least this guy has his Ipod...I, on the other hand, was left with Jeffery Archer's False Impression's....which I took the liberty to succesfully finish during the long wait.Maybe I should get one IPod tooo....*

*My one in the cargo....this bag was super heavy okeh!!!!My mom made me carry 4 crystal serving plates in the bag that would weight at least 7 that time I amat la piss off ok masa flight delay...dah la ramai orang!!!!*

I wish I own a private jet that can fly anytime at my own wimp!!!Sigh!!!

Visit to the Sleeping Buddha

Well, my visit to Kelantan was not all work and no play....of course la kena jalan2 dan pergi bershopping sakan....tapi memandangkan yang I ni dah lama bebeno tak shopping...I didn't much have the interest to buy anthing (plus I need to constantly remind myself that I'll need to save for the wedding...bummer....).

So Mama Ros brought the whole family (in 1 Prado, 1 Pajero, 1 CRV, 1 Van and 3 cars - in which was all very full with no space left except to breath) to Pengkalan Kubu to shop and later visit the Sleeping Budda at Wat Protinavat on the way back.

The weather was great! Not too hot, not too dry....and it was not raining. Though the sun was bright my skin ain't burning too bad, so the day was pleasurable.

*Me and the sleeping Buddha....though they have a bigger one in Thailand...this was also cute huge*

*Me and baby at the Wat's compound*
*Me and mommy at one of the temple's....mommy gain weight (so did I) mesti banyak makan lompat tikam ni*

Lompat tikam - a mixture of glutinous rice, kuih talam, santan and red sugar.....yummy!!!I can spend the whole day eating that stuff if not for the super duper extra calories that comes with it...
*There are paintings and stories of the Buddhist folklore around the sleeping buddha.....quite a good read*
*Another mini temple....this one is my favourite....I like the two dragons protecting it*
*after all of us are done, we sat back in a group and enjoy our day with fresh coconuts....*
Fascination over Vienna Bagel....

Last week, in between weddings and a huge pile of work....I have fell in love with bagels...

I hate bagels (they are hard and too sour) but I have developed a liking to Vienna Bagels (KLCC, third floor, in front of TGV Cinema - what use to be Auntie Anne Pretzel's counter)....they are so not the bagels I ever knew...
Plus...I love the box!!!! (p/s; me - so cepat jatuh hati pada cute packaging.....what a weakness!)
A must try is the bagel dip with chocolate...and the white chocolate with nuts...definitely.....

Syarul Hadis's Wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda on Monday the 20th

Haha!This was the wedding I used as an excuse to rush out of work from last Monday....and guess what...Sara, Faizal, Az and Fadzrun was there by invitation from Syarul himself....the newlyweds are clad in pink attire...but I'm just not in much mood to snap pics tonight...especially long distant gambar makanan and kite2 je la ade....
*Faizal looking 5 years youunger (to match ehem-ehem....) while Sara smile (almost a) vicious smile...that night the video camera paid a visit to our table a few times....heheh*
*By the time we started dinner our stomachs are drumming louder than the music...but food was good and no protest!*
*Azlina giving a thumbs up.....her hubby was so hungry he didn't even bother with the camera anymore!*

It was fun.....especially during the slide show.....and joking over Syarul that was very very shy...

My Cousin Dik Nor's Wedding on the 18th Pics
Well, I did tell u guys about my cousin who wed in Kuala Pilah last 2 weekends....and here are the pics...yang sekian lamanya terperap kat dalam my digicam and screaming to be viewed!! Nanti simpan lama2 basi pulak..heheh!

*arif - at my cousin's wedding - lost few kg's and looking a tad smaller..... while I gain weight like mad...hahahah!Amat tak for the next few weeks alamatnya no more nasi lemak!!!*
*My cousin, Nor, the bride and her new husband....sepanjang perarakan she's been staring to the ground because her wedding party insisted that its more demure that way....if it's up to me I'd rather smile to the crowd than made to look like a doll....I might stumble okeh kalau asyik tengok bawah je...*
*Ani, my mom and me acting vain while everyone was busy sending the newlyweds to the pelamin*
*Before having lunch...while perut sangat lapar*
* Me and my Mak Lang...yang umur setahun muda dari I*

How I get a Mak Lang who is much younger than I am I also don't know....check this out, she has two younger brother...aged around 8 to 10 years old...which means I have an uncle wayyyy younger....

OK..that's it...the end of a very very long update over the past one week....u guys saw the wedding pics from Kelantan dy, so no need to put more, I suppose....lepas ni nak pergi main tiggedy tagged pulak...heheeh!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Amat Keletihan.... word to sum everything I am feeling now....

Tapi sempat la pulak mem'blog'...hahah...aku kalau dapat connection susah le....

I took a (delayed) 7.20am flight to Kota Bharu yesterday to make it to my dearly beloved brother's wedding (yeah! I have a called adik susu sebab my sis menyusu ngan his mom and his sis menyusu ngan my's a long and complicated story...macam nabi2 pulak ada ibu susu ni) and arrived at KB airport at 9.30am..the supposedly 50 minutes flight was delayed because these (so called profesionals) had the decency to fill up the airplane's fuel once everyone is on Air Asia...

So here it extended family......

*my two mother's...hehhehe...see how lucky I am??*
*mom and li...he's so call next in line to get married...semua berebut2 nak kawin dulu sebelum aku...*
*Linda, baby and ni so call ani's twin sister*
*abang cik and me at the tea ceremony...bukan je orang kawin nak minum teh...kitorang pun minum teh jugak...this family is half chinese, so we (heheh, join sekali) pun practice chinese traditions*
*kakak....masih single and available and mencari....anyone interested?*

The Wedding...
Like most Malay weddings...its the time of family gatherings....
Everyone from all around Malaysia is here...mostly from Mama Ros's side from Muar.
Semua orang bz...sebab the wedding is done ala-rewang...bukan catering macam kat KL.So semua orang kena contribute....kalau dok diam waktu cuci pinggan nanti kena serang ..heheh!

Ternyata there's enough things for me to do to not even think about home, and so tired till I'm at lost of words...

So let the rest of the pics tell the story...
P/s: Banyak lagi gambar....tapi banyak sangat kang overloaded pulak blog aku....
*Mom and daughter*
*Pengantin -my brother Fadhlie (obviously yang besar pakai baju hijau tu) - before pergi rumah pengantin perempuan*
*Me and Fadli in the car*
*Me, mom and newlyweds*
*Papa Adi, Ma Ros and newlyweds*

Ok la...since I am soooo tired, tuan puteri nak pergi beradu...or berehat ...whatever...

Have a good weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Before I totally forget....

I better announce the fact that my wedding is postponed...for the time being.

Don't ask why....

So will not be in December...i don't even know when is the date anymore because personally, I don't feel like going through it myself I am not pushing it....I just wish to wait and see....

This has no what-so-ever reason with the fact that I'm all blue today.....

How Depressing Can One Person Be???

Ever wonder how depressed can one person be?

Well, if you push it to the limit...VERY VERY DEPRESSING obviously....i just hate being in such position...

Usually what I would do is just ignore my source of depression and run...if the problem was a boyfriend i cut them loose... if it's a co-worker then just ignore him/her and do about my stuff....if its a girlfriend just zip-up and play a cold shoulder till things move on...

But if it is my fiance what can I do????

I wish it's that easy......

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Pretty Missy Nails

I scoot to the manicurist during lunch hour to do justice to my oh-so-neglected nails....besides, I'm not that hungry anyway because I had a hefty breakfast.

I missed the turn to I head straight to Missy Nails, One Utama. I have never been to Missy Nails before, but I heard the service is good, so what the heck. It's not going to take long anyway because I just need a freash new coat of polish, and my nails are still clean from the manicure I had from Saluga two weeks ago...

After half an hour and a new coat of OPI nail polish....I strut back to work smiling like I'm on top of the world....the verdict for today's manicure service is:

The color: Great pastel called new color of the season....almost transparent it makes your nails looks very clean and chic. Definitely love it!

The service : Quick and snappy. But I don't think the manicurist is the chatty type...since she doesn't talk that much...

The place : small and overcrowded...for the price I'm paying i definitely expect better...especially at OU!

Overall : OK la...I could come problem.

maybe next time I'll head to kuku bar....Jo loves to go there, it must be good....

Quick glance over my weekend...


Nothing much....attended a relative's wedding in Kuala's will be updated tomorrow...the vain sister's (hehehe, me & ani) obviously had more fun than the bride. She spent most of the time looking down to the ground that you hardly get a pic of hr looking much of lack of self we heard somebody say in the background " ape ni...pengantin mesti tundul sikit...tundul lagi, pandang bawah"...what the ????

kalau aku yang kawin, abis la minah tu...tak kire la mak andam ke, sape ke. Its my wedding day, why should I be looking at the ground???


Had to cancel my plans with Tg Farrah due to unforeseen circumstances.

Manage to find time to go visit Fiona with Chi and Gopi. Thank God she is feeling much better now. I can't believe they actually remove 6cm size fibroids from inside her tiny looks scary.


Hmm..totally forgot that today is Syarul's I definitely can not stay late today...heheeh (what an excuse!!!)

My Cousin Michelle's Wedding Last May

I love weddings...especially when the pics are super nice....

My cousin Michelle (from Tita Mari and Tito Sonny) got hitched last May with her long time sweetheart, Josh ( I hope I got his name right, it kinda went i and out of my head several times).

I just got their wedding photos and its absolutely before blogging about my weekend....I'm showing off the photo's from her wedding in May first...oooh la la, I'm so excited....

Of course, there's so much photo's, that I manage to take only 15....coz otherwise my blog will kinda overload....

Nevertheless, let's start...the pics are in no particular bear with me ya!!!

*Tita Mari, Michelle and Tito Sonny*
Michelle is their first out of two....I bet they are very2 excited.
Plus, its their only girl.
jeez...I think u guys wont believe she's my aunt right? She looks super young...hehe...and hot too..hehe

*Michelle steping into her ride*

*Newlyweds kissing under the swords*

Josh is in the they get a military wedding at huh?

*Pretty lady*

*With the wedding cake* *With the brides family*
I wonder why this pic is super tiny....sigh...

*Before the wedding*

*the extended family*

*the kiss*
*ain't they sweet??*
*exchanging vows*

Sigh....I'm filled with happy tears....its so touching.
I heard she's pregnant now....soon I'll be an aunt!!!Hehehe!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Its gonna be quite boring here today...

  1. Nobody is in office - unlucky me has to come back and do the update while everybody else have fun outside.....
  2. Tina is on leave!!!!Takde la chat buddy (*heheh!konon claim bz....tapi biasa la, di masa2 kebosanan...mestila mahu berkomunikasi...)
  3. I have to start reading through the legal documents i dread so much over the past few days....hopefully i don't snooze to la-la-land while doing it

On another note...I woke up late this morning, my house is a wreck and I still have flu. I have clothes flying everywhere, abundle of laundry to do, and bedsheets to change.Plus dishes piling to as high as mount everest....sigh!!!

Being sick is definitly not cool...i mean you need tonnes of rest, so you sleep all night (and day if you get MC) then its a bummer if you still wake up sick.

Too bad my sister is coming over later today that she has to come home to a pig sty (literally la).

I better quit rambling...I haven't taken my medication better hurry up!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm still in the office (again...kuang kuang kuang...)

It's 7.33pm....and I'm still experiencing the irritable running nose I have since morning (seriously thinking that the medication I'm taking is doing me no good) and still in the office...tada!!!My work is still yet to be completed (of course I manage to finish some la) and I feel this huge burden on my shoulders everytime I think about the 100 over legal documents that I am suppose to go through (huge sigh!!!nothing new...)....alone!!!

Wow...what a fun reading material to occupy my not so free weekend.....

*Obviously la weekend ni kena baca kan...kalau tak mana sempat???

It's ok...I have planned my night (yeah...tonight, after work) and tomorrow so I can finish most of the ground work (with what I have so far)...hopefully my plan works.

Elok jugak takde orang kat ofis ni....tak banyak disturbance.

But I need to go of soon...because I need to drop by the clinic and get MORE medication...hwahh!!!!

Jangan aku jadi junkie dah sebab terlebih makan ubat...

Wanna sign off but I need to finish this outstanding list first....ciao!!!


I've been bloghopping during lunch hour to catch up on things I missed, solely because I can't concentrate with my heavy running nose that feels super itchy and might blow out of proportions any time soon. The air conditioning is at "VERY VERY VERY COLD"....and I am forced to my seat tucked with an oversized sweater to keep me warm.

My flu ain't getting better...I just hope that it will tone down a bit because this is definitely not helping....

I hope that I can somehow manage to finish work by today/tomorrow. I really need rest this weekend if I want to get any better.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me...

Tina tagged me yesterday...but had no time to layan her....

Since I have no mood to read lousy legal documents while busy downloading and imposibly large amount of files from the dataroom, I suppose it's ok to take a brake and play tiggety tagged...hehehe.

*I know I know, I can be more productive if I multitask, but there is so much there, no point to do one thing and realise its superseeded by another. So until I satisfactorily downloaded a huge chunk of it, the rest will have to wait.

**God if my bos found out abt this I'm toast.

*** But come to think of it, I am doing unpaid overtime, so it shouldn't count!

So here it goes....8 Random Facts about Me (moua....mon cherieee)
  1. I love being Malaysian , being who I am and what I am, being right here now and no where else - of course, London sounds good, but it will never be home ain't it? (unless I live there almost a decade and Malaysia is suddenly too hot or too stuffy) but think about it...good food, great places to hang out, lots of beaches, greens everywhere....its unique and so lively that I feel blessed to be here.Plus, its among the safest place to be in the planet. heheh.
  2. I love food but I hate gaining weight - who the hell loves the added calories that comes with the oh-so-unresistable dishes we have around town?
  3. I hate the fact that I am aging and my metabolic rate is slowing down - yeah, yeah...they say you must age gracefully but to come to think about it, how can you be so graceful if you weight 200 pounds? I so have to find a way to cut down my food intake...including all the cheese tarts (Tina!!!!kita kena buat ni same2!!!!)
  4. I am a shopaholic! I have my adrenalin pumping while I am on a shopping spree and feel depress if I don't get my shopping fix. My fiance is the witness (or victim?) to my shopaholic crimes that he constantly reminds me to control my spending (and that somewhat sometimes depresses me more...sigh...damn complicated)...
  5. My brain goes on permament lock down after 7 which makes me hard to concentrate on work or study (or any form of it) and I have to push myself VERY VERY HARD if I want to ever work if I'm working after 7pm there must be sure a damn big motivation required....
  6. I'm a huge movie buff...I watch almost everything in the movies the very moment I get the chance to do it. Though I might forget the story line after a while (because memory of movies goes to my RAM storage....temporary, not to last), its just for the sake to make space to watch more new movies. I definitely will remember a movie that is very good (like Remember the Titan's), very touching (like My Best Friend's Wedding - I love it so much, I bought the soundtrack twice!) or very bad (a lot of those, in which not worth mentioning..).
  7. I am so in love....yeah....I am a love junkie. I feel lonely without love, which explains why I rush from one relationship to another. I definitely love the idea of being loved, and the attention of that special person in my life.Though it may be a bad thing (because rushing in a relationship is never good), but I hope it'll work out find. And No, I don't need a man to survive (literally). I can survive fine on my own....but having one around won't kill right?
  8. When I love somebody too much I became too sensitive and clingy, but to others, I just won't bother. I can be an insensitive arse to a stranger, but deep inside I'm not a tough cookie. Evident through tears that I spill when I'm utterlessly mad at my loved onces...I don't shout or scream, I just simply, so complicated.

There you have...8 facts about me. Hmm...can't tag anyone at the moment...coz my blog is blocked and permitted readers (who are bloggers) have already been far. I can't be tagging non-bloggers right??

I'm spreading the flu bug at office???

Be warned...i'm getting the flu virus....

It has been developing since Monday...and now its getting the doc says I have an inflamed throat and minor cough....contagious enough for me (by all standards, my antibody is very very weak...amt teruk i tell u) to get very bad if no preventive measures are taken asap.

So I've been popping clarinase and drowning on tussidex forte all day (ikut sukatan la....harus ikut arahan doktor, heheh)...but it's not getting any better...I'm even coughing more and more now.

Now Xiao Mei is catching the flu...shikes, I hope I'm not spreading it to people. Thank goodness most of my collegues are away (yeah...tinggal I sorang2 yang tetiba je kena pull out - sah confirm petang tadi - and diarahkan pulang dan menetap secara sepenuh masa kat ofis nih!!!).

What's happening???


*teruknya bunyi...macam ala2 workaholic pulak (in which I was not for a very long maklumla, akak dulu fed-up lepas tu rebel, terus resign jadi workaholic, heheh, so to speak...)

Even arif say it sounds really bad....sigh....

Its ok, once I'm done downloading (ntah bila la tu...I myself not so sure...), I akan balik, makan (of course la,kena alas perut) and makan ubat...then that I can wake up fresh in the morning and go to work early to read more agreements, update more reports etc.... (man, I sound like Dilbert)....and hopefully not spread my flu virus to all my hardworking collegues at work (heheh!).

Everyone has gone home....

Pitiful nya...semua orang dah balik, and I am still at office downloading documents...a huge pile of it. Thank god big boss found somebody from CF side to help me will take ages if I am to do it myself and I am crumbling to bits right now.

In which is not good. Girl, pull yourself are not having a panic attack!!! Mentang2 la dah lama dok goyang kaki sekali dapat kerja terkejut pulak ye.

I drop by at Curve for lunch earlier and met Tina to pass her the cheese tart she's so craving for...hmm....kesian pulak minah ni dah 2 minggu teringin makan cheese tart, nanti kempunan susah pulak.

My tekak dah terasa amat sakit....jangan la demam....i hate it when i fall sick, especially tengah bz2 ni....aku bersemangat nak kerja, demam pulak.

The office is getting even more subtle.No noise whatsoever except the sound of my keyboard (and yeah, a few forensics people just got to the office, so the click clacking of their mugs).Oh my...and they have left...sigh....

I guess its just me then...

I'm stuck in deep shit....

Ingatkan dah beres dah kerja update mengupdate ni.....boy was I wrong.....

I was surprised by the amount of information they can release overnight...since last 10.45pm (mind u, orang dah balik rumah okey....diorang ni komputer ke operate 24 jam???)...and now I'm stuck in a pool of shit to swim in...all alone...

Diorang ni amat kejam!!! (my client ye...not my boss...what are they suppose to do if these buggers bersifat tak prihatin...)

Plus I hate sifting through legal documents, especially if I am alone...sigh!!!

Alamatnya kejap lagi memang aku pergi RotiMan beli cheese tart tu le...

Now I have to spend some time downloading, so that later I can slowly sift through the huge pile they just handed over to us ( there any us???) and separate the gems from the job....just have to love them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tina dah tag me...but I have no time....

Love to play tiggety tagged.

But not today!!!

Sorry babes...nanti I update bila I free rushing...dah la kat luar hujan!!!!Amat tak best ok!!!!

Aku terbayang2 RotiMan's cheese tart!!

Damn u Chi...

sekarang i nak duduk pun tak senang....sigh.....

Busy and Bored...bad Combo.... to put it....I got tonnes of work, but still bored to death...

I can't make sense of almost everything they send me....which was crap by the way....and to think that there is still more crap for me to sift through is making me quesy....

Who the hell loves double shift if nothing makes sense at all???

And boss is coming back after work to check on me...sigh!!! I feel so loved!!!

Cool down, this is just a temporary setback....I can do it! I just need to concentrate...

On another note, Tina still dreams of my yummy cheese tart from RotiMan...heheh....i dig it too...maybe I'll go and get later if we pass that place for lunch (yeah...don't want to be walking aimlessly like a mad man when the whether is not looking so good, I need to hold back the cheese a bit, hehehe, my tunang sudah marah la i makan banyak sangat cheese cake).

O...gotta get back to work!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Penat & Pening....

It's a tiring day....have to work on 2 jobs simultaneously and starting on one while updating another is no fun....masa aku dok goyang kaki kat opis tu takde pulak nak bagi kerja...sekarang ni berlambak tak ingat mesti scheme tak nak bayar OT aku ni....sigh....

Ni pun aku sempat lari...and my "darling" manager ugut me that ni je last time!Hehe!Al-maklumla, esok dia akan make sure aku kerja sampai tengah malam...its no joke having your boss staying across the road, ok.

Plus I got a call from Azizan...

Where has freedom of speech gone? sick by now dy by all the stuff...baik aku fikir pasal kerja yang melambung ni...

Ada ke dia kata aku sengaja buat macam tu nak bagi blog aku hot?Ape barang dia....dsia sendiri tak boleh nak backing awek dia nak salahkan aku pulak...besides, kalau tak berani tanggung consequence what's the point taking the risk in the first place. (me geleng kepala).

So for now my blog is restricted...biar aku sorang2 je baca....

Nasib baik ada choc fudge cheesecake yang amat yummy kat starbucks ni....hehehe.

I better finish them....boleh balik tengok CSI....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a Weekend....the aftermath

My adrenaline was pumping all night yesterday...though i was home quite late, I can't manage to put myself to bed till around 3 am...I even manage to watch Armageddon at TV3. There is this quesy feeling after the whole Ika-drama episode that had made me left very very uneasy.I'm back at Starbucks for brunch today because Arif can't see me immediately...he had another surprised visit from a relative and nobody is around to greet them, so he has to stay back. her I am, bored to death, legs thumping with pain....(over kaki yang terseliuh...long story...).

Yesterday, after much chattering.....Ika, Ida and myself had something to eat at Dome.Ida was super hungry since she didn't have anything since morning, Ika was just too occupied worrying about what her ex-hubby just did.Pity Ida with her toothache and all....

I had a simple vegetarian bruschetta, I was not that hungry anyway and that is only to sustain me for dinner...if by any chance I'll get hungry.When we are awaiting the bill, by pure chance, En Syaiful appears at the street market. Wow...mamat ni panjang umur siot. We have been talking about him then, the suddenly there he was.Just imagine the utter shock in our faces.

Suddenly Ika left the table and went to the ex....

We waited for a while....but after a long wait, we decided to clear the tab, and go back to Starbucks, least we can fool around with the wireless there...but we got to get to Ika and tell her we were moving away because she left her phone with us.

The scene was horrible...there was shouting and crying and the time we manage to pull her away he starts to be so defensive that he won't let any of us go before talking...

En Syaiful: Zu, listen to me...
Me: Sorry....if you want to know how I felt just read my blog...u already raided it anyway...
En Syaiful: I have to tell people my side of the story....its unfair...what she said about me...

*he had his doe-eyed faced asking for understanding, but I just can't stand there

Me: I don't want to judge, but I pantang sikit lelaki like u, so its best that we don't talk...lagipun I don't appreciate what u did to my blog....its so....not appropriate.
En Syaiful:What's not appropriate?I had the right to say my piece....especially to all the people that put comments on her blog.
Me: Then take it off on her space, not mine....(I'm getting VERY boiled up already).....besides, I wrote nothing about you in my blog, I gave no personal opinion...there's not even a single entry on you until you dengan tak malunya attack my blog....
En Syaiful: Abis tu yang you tell me "to rot in hell" kat Ika's comment tu apa?
Me:It's a figure of speech (la dumbass!!!)It can mean anything...macam lantak la...lagipun my point is that if she think she deserves to get her nafkah and you are capable of providing it, she should get it from proper channel!!(I'm starting to raised my voice dy....maybe he is a dumbass yang tak gheti maksud tersirat!)

Then he starts shouting....

En Syaiful: U jangan jadi kurang ajar ye!

Apa? that moment...kurang ajar???
U haven't seen my kurang ajar yet are definitely lucky that I consider you a waste of time to even stay any minute longer.

Me: U want to know what's kurang ajar? This is kurang ajar...

So I turn...and strut away...showing him the "hand"

*Nicole added later : "Talk to the hand coz elbow is on holiday....hahahah!"

For a guy, he definitely lose control. And the way he reasoned out to her ex was definitely childish. They are as if two kids fighting for a candy...waiting for the other to give up so another can go away with the candy and enjoy it, while other cry in envy....

I pity them both....

I pity Ika because it's as if the pain she carries never seem to end, because she can't move on because her ex can't move on. It doesn't help when she spits fire back to his face and him, ego challenged, try to find a way to fight back.

I pity En Syaiful because I think he's a confused soul gripped by fear....I think a part of him was happy the marriage is over, another part (silently) held on, envy at the very sight that his (then) family might move on without him, be happier than him, and another guy came in to the picture capable of challenging him as father to the kids, ultimately erasing him from the picture.

He is afraid of ultimately losing a kid, after terribly failing as a husband.

And in amidst his fear, he had acted a matter of fact blindly...screaming for attention. He thinks none of the consequences he will least not in the long run. He doesn't know how to play it cool...let a little bit of his rein go to gain more access to his kids...envying his kids hugging another man, smiling to the camera.

That must be horrible and dreadful....

Man...they are your matter what happen, you don't have to be scared to lose them. If you have played your cards right, you will never lose them. So why must you be scared???

Its too bad you can never work it out with Ika....but it's never to late to be a good father.

My mom always remind me of my dad...."Remember, whatever happens, he is still your dad, nobody can change that". I came from a broken family too...and maybe my situation was even worse (or even better...who know?), because for a while I grew up without my dad...but though he was not physically present, there is no mistake in knowing that he was always there and he (at least) cared for our well-being.

If we want to complain about scarcity....I can say that there was never things provided enough by my dad all these years....but hey, where do we draw a line whether its enough or not??? At least I grew up well, both my parents provided for my well being, my education...everything I have now (my life, my job etc) I owe it to BOTH of them, and the lack in a parent, is covered by another. I know that though my mom tended to emotional needs (and also financial, whichever she may), my dad provided me with my tuition fees, my food, my books....and though he might not be any greater than any other people's dad and rarely provided us (his kids) with luxury....he didn't abandon me and my siblings...he took care of us...and I can never hate him but feel respect and gratitude, no matter what he had done before, or whatever he might do later...he is just simply my dad.

What if my mom had married another, would be any different? Maybe, maybe not....but still my dad did his best.

So why act irrationally En Syaiful? Take a step back and think of your kids. Do your best, and let God do the rest. If you love your children so much, time will show them how much you cared, one way or the will never lose them. But to be able to do that you must be in good terms with their gurdian, the mother...and knowing Ika, she won't stop you from seeing your kids if you have acted responsibly.

Besides, she can't deny paternal rights....she needs her kids to know and be loved by their that one day, when the kids starts asking, it'll be easier to explain, and less trauma to the kids...u get me right??? She can complain all she wants, but you have to understand, women complain all the time...that's just a way for them to release their frustrations. It might sound bad, hurtful....but to say such things means thay hurt inside too.....

You say people may make bias judgements, and you need to set it straight. Well, again I point...action speaks louder than words.Do the right thing....provide as you can, visit the kids often, make peace with the family, move on quietly....people who watch will see, maybe if you are lucky one day Ika, not knowing, will start saying good things about you don't need to scream and shout to prove a point....just do what you have to the right way as best could. People can talk as much as they can never silence everyone...but if you are a good guy one day everybody will know that you are good...maybe its just later, then you need a little bit of patience....

So hang on there...think and do the best that you can. I hope you all the best.

*note: my mom is on good terms with my dad....and we get by as one big happy family......amen!
**Mommy!!!I Love U Lots!!! (yeah..and dad too..hehehe...thanks!)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Message to A Dear Friend....

*This is in response to a message I received I received from a dear friend...on my entry "6 Degrees Gossip"

Dear friend (you know who you are),

Sorry la...tapi I tak cakap apa2 pasal u pun. Moesha (bukan nama sebenar) perasan gambar mamat tu dalam friendster I. Then dia bukak friendster mamat tu, then nampak gambor ko ngan dia....pastu dia just tanya samada u guys go out together...i just cakap baru kenal je....itu je, sumpah!!!

Then aku tanya la macam mana dia kenal mamat tu...tu je......then you know the rest dalam entry tu....

Ceritanye lebih tentang Julia (juga bukan nama sebenar)....nothing on you....

OK...I said my peace..



House Rules Part II....

To add to my house rules....


*This is hasil perbuatan En Syaiful.....

En Syaiful Nizam Mohd Yunus Sesat ke????