Tuesday, August 28, 2007

4 Things....

I am TAGGED by Tina chenta hatiku....

*Sorry la babe...hari ni agak bz la sket, and YM pun macam haprak je....so tak dapat nak chit chat with you macam biasa...tapi esok lunch on kan?*

So here it goes....

4 things that scare me
(hmmm...define scary??? really2 scared or just plain scared??)
  • When I was young...jerawat batu!!!!Pimples popping like mushrooms that never seem to want to vanish - forever...
  • Not having enough dosh/mulahs!!!.....I have to admit....I am vain and I can't endure suffering....I'm a spoilt brat and I can never be poor...because it'll just kill me.
  • Accident - and perhaps tragecally dying in one - what a bad bad way to go to afterlife.... (hmm, do you think that ppl that die in an accident will go to wherever they need to go as horrid as they end up on earth? Perhaps i watch too much TV).
  • Ghost, bad spirits....yeah, sometimes I lemah semangat jugak...no matter how tough I seem to look, I can't seem to shake off some eary feeling. But I love horror movies....besides, what happens in the movies is suppose to stay there, right??

4 people who makes me laugh

  • My fiance, friend and lover (is that 3??)
  • My chill gang
  • Tina....hahahahah!A huge one!
  • Of course, my family la.

4 things that I love

  • SHOPPING!!!!!All in caps!!!!
  • The Spa... who can resist love and pampering?
  • My CLK....who braved the roads with me, shelter me during rain and shine, took a hit(and scratch-ermm...more than once) for me.....oh i'm getting sentimental.
  • Movies!!!! Big time!!!

4 things that I hate

  • Being broke (back to top on seriously can't live without mooolahs!!!)
  • The weighting scale....Argh!!!!
  • The gym.....when its surrounded by perfect looking people and it makes me feel horrid (sigh!!!)
  • Hypocrites and posers!!!Don't make me say any word more!

4 Things that I don't understand

  • My complicated heart
  • My dysfunctional wandering mind....never ask me to explain them, I never can
  • The need to gain weight when you eat the food you love....kan best kalau chocolate takde kalori?
  • My dad - that's one guy I can never understand

4 things on my desk

  • My laptop
  • My phone (the black desk phone)
  • Tissue box
  • My mug

4 Things I'm doing right now

  • Thinking of tonight's movies
  • Blogging
  • checking the email Lady Boss just sent - sigh, ada ke hantar mail time2 nak balik?What to do...
  • Clear my desk...despite the mail I still nak balik...

4 things I want to do before I die

  • Repent on all my sins
  • Go for Haji, insya-allah
  • Tour the world.....hmm, I'm planning one major place per year, starts next year...achievable tak one whole world before I die?
  • Get married, have kids, settle down and be with my love

4 simple things to describe my personality

  • Friendly
  • Loving...very.......................
  • Conventional
  • Loud! Hahahaha!

4 things I can't do....

  • Go back and turn time...undo my past, change my history....I guess what I can do is live with it and try to get the most of what I have now
  • Slim down....sangat la sedey!!!!!!!!!!!! (p/s: My mom say its in the state of mind....alamatnya ni pun aku fail......)
  • I pun tak boleh potong rambut pendek...or pakai skirt too pendek....terasa amat buruk... so bob ala-ala rihanna is soooo not me...
  • Live without the people around me...I'll go mad!!!!

There...kan dah siap....and boleh balik dah nak tengok Suster Ngesot kat Cineleisure...

So now yours truly wish to tag...

  • puterikurekure
  • xoxo
  • ika
  • zie the daydreamer

okla...ciao'ing babes.


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