Thursday, August 9, 2007

6 Degrees Gossip

There is a saying that you may be linked to an extensive network of people through the acquaintance of 6 people....without even knowing it, you might be linked to a total stranger that is in fact, related to you one way or the other.

It may sound awkward...but the theory actually makes sense.

I've been chatting with a very close friend, Moesha (bukan nama sebenar...heheh....kita kembali ke alam separa nyata)....and since we haven't met for quite some time, our only mode of "keeping-in-touch" is of course through blogging (duh!!!me blog 4 times a day, heheh), friendster ( this too) and YM's. Being Moesha....she can't help but peer through my friends list...and noticed a friend of mine, Charlie (bukan nama sebenar) who was an ex-bf of another friend of hers, Julia ( guess right, juga bukan nama sebenar).

So she goes...

Moesha: babe, U kenal Charlie ye?
Me : Charlie mana?
Moesha: Ala,Charlie, ex-bf Julia....takkan u tak kenal Julia?
Me: Mana u dapat ni?
Moesha: Dalam friendster u...
Me; In my friendster???

me....absolutely blur of course...who the hell is Julia???Do I know this chic?
Plus, at the time of conversation, I was not sure at which Charlie she is referring to (mana la tau salah orang kan?)..besides, kalau tak silap aku baru je add mamat ni...
Almaklumla...friendster is if I consider knowing everybody...even in my extended network...i just might say that I don't know almost everybody....that more than 12,000 people...

Moesha: ala...Julia x-mrsm tdk (erm...that narrows down Moesha's cover, what the heck)...u check la kat Charlie's friends, mesti jumpa nama Julia...
Me: OK

So I did...and I found out that it is "the" Charlie she mentioned, and yeah...and that chic Julia exist and Julia was my junior in school. I have no memories of her...but she grew up most of us....

Once Uyou have identofied a person you can relate to...obviously start gossiping right...heheh (women!!!!)

I wonder why they break up....apparently she left Charlie to go back to her ex, but later found another guy, Joshua (bukan nama sebenar) and was dating him since. Joshua seems to be very well off and spoil her to bits...and Charlie move on and met another girl. Life goes on....hmmm.

So we proceeded......then I started asking about another possible common friend....

Me; I was reading TuTu's (juga bukan nama sebenar) blog the other day...u know her right??
She looks quite hot.
Moesha: Yeah...but I'd rather not read her blog anymore after the fight.
Me: Fight? what fight?
Moesha: Ala...the fight??
me; U always fight...u kan kuat bergaduh. Which one is this?

Then it hit me...then I realise that I had finally found a face to a person I have never met all my life, yet heard so much about all this while....what a small world.

So ..she's that girl.Ermm...I don't want to divulge details...but the fight was nasty....and may I say this sister knows nothing of sisterhood at all to be doing what she has done...

I believe that there is a code that all girls must follow on sisterhood. And to break the code means that you are unworthy of such sisters to claim as one of yours. The code bonds you....and every sister should be sensitive enough to understand it.


There are other sub rules....but to explore the details may get kicked out of sisterhood lets just dwell on the main motto.

I can't believe that there's a friend who is up to telling lies and drag another girlfriend down....just out of envy. Especially when you are very close. Don't you know that is WRONG???

I'm not judging here, but the foundation of sisterhood is trust, so how can you trust a backstabber and befriends them? Every sister should be another sister's shoulder to cry we'll die keeping each other's secret than tell....especially to the parents!!! (frankly speaking la...)

But then the end of the day we're all humans...and I think its basic human nature to be tempted to do such things...

Enough of gossips for going to go fur lunch...

Take care!!!!

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