Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me...

Tina tagged me yesterday...but had no time to layan her....

Since I have no mood to read lousy legal documents while busy downloading and imposibly large amount of files from the dataroom, I suppose it's ok to take a brake and play tiggety tagged...hehehe.

*I know I know, I can be more productive if I multitask, but there is so much there, no point to do one thing and realise its superseeded by another. So until I satisfactorily downloaded a huge chunk of it, the rest will have to wait.

**God if my bos found out abt this I'm toast.

*** But come to think of it, I am doing unpaid overtime, so it shouldn't count!

So here it goes....8 Random Facts about Me (moua....mon cherieee)
  1. I love being Malaysian , being who I am and what I am, being right here now and no where else - of course, London sounds good, but it will never be home ain't it? (unless I live there almost a decade and Malaysia is suddenly too hot or too stuffy) but think about it...good food, great places to hang out, lots of beaches, greens everywhere....its unique and so lively that I feel blessed to be here.Plus, its among the safest place to be in the planet. heheh.
  2. I love food but I hate gaining weight - who the hell loves the added calories that comes with the oh-so-unresistable dishes we have around town?
  3. I hate the fact that I am aging and my metabolic rate is slowing down - yeah, yeah...they say you must age gracefully but to come to think about it, how can you be so graceful if you weight 200 pounds? I so have to find a way to cut down my food intake...including all the cheese tarts (Tina!!!!kita kena buat ni same2!!!!)
  4. I am a shopaholic! I have my adrenalin pumping while I am on a shopping spree and feel depress if I don't get my shopping fix. My fiance is the witness (or victim?) to my shopaholic crimes that he constantly reminds me to control my spending (and that somewhat sometimes depresses me more...sigh...damn complicated)...
  5. My brain goes on permament lock down after 7 which makes me hard to concentrate on work or study (or any form of it) and I have to push myself VERY VERY HARD if I want to ever work if I'm working after 7pm there must be sure a damn big motivation required....
  6. I'm a huge movie buff...I watch almost everything in the movies the very moment I get the chance to do it. Though I might forget the story line after a while (because memory of movies goes to my RAM storage....temporary, not to last), its just for the sake to make space to watch more new movies. I definitely will remember a movie that is very good (like Remember the Titan's), very touching (like My Best Friend's Wedding - I love it so much, I bought the soundtrack twice!) or very bad (a lot of those, in which not worth mentioning..).
  7. I am so in love....yeah....I am a love junkie. I feel lonely without love, which explains why I rush from one relationship to another. I definitely love the idea of being loved, and the attention of that special person in my life.Though it may be a bad thing (because rushing in a relationship is never good), but I hope it'll work out find. And No, I don't need a man to survive (literally). I can survive fine on my own....but having one around won't kill right?
  8. When I love somebody too much I became too sensitive and clingy, but to others, I just won't bother. I can be an insensitive arse to a stranger, but deep inside I'm not a tough cookie. Evident through tears that I spill when I'm utterlessly mad at my loved onces...I don't shout or scream, I just simply, so complicated.

There you have...8 facts about me. Hmm...can't tag anyone at the moment...coz my blog is blocked and permitted readers (who are bloggers) have already been far. I can't be tagging non-bloggers right??

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