Thursday, August 2, 2007

Birthday lunch at Decanter...

My birthday lunch??? Sorry to dissapoint u lots...but it's Felicia's and Wei Liew's birthday we are celebrating during lunch. The whole TS team took a time off and head to Decanter to celebrate... and that is the picture of my delicious lamb curry that I happily devour (and my lime juice and plain water) while Gopi sit in front of me and stare at my food enviously.....

The lamb curry is heavenly...I first tried it the last time I was there at Decanter with Wen Chu, Komala, Farouq and Mukhris for my birthday...(yeah, my birtday had lapsed), we had one bowl to share (so to speak) and it was encrypted on my mind ever since. Damn u mukhris make me go addicted to lamb curry, sigh!!!

I know I vow to quit rice in August but hey...what's lamb curry without rice, eh??

It's also big bos Siew's bday today...and we are having cake at what the heck if i start rice fasting 1 day late kan???heheh...I find new excuses every day this have to stop. (yeah yeah yeah..i know I have been saying this since May but it's not my fault that a lot of us in the department were born at these period and that we celebrate each and every one of the birthday every time - hehehe, i love these people here...all have such sweet tooth...).

Still..its a good one. Can't wait to see what cake they have at 4pm. Last month for Siew Mei's bday they had delicious cheese cake and mango meringue....i like!!!

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