Friday, August 10, 2007

Curry Puff Day

Its Friday and its curry puff day....the uncle curry puff will be selling at lobby and we will be lining up like bees to buy them.

*It's the same curry puff uncle who usually sell his curry puff in PwC...he comes here every Tuesday and Friday at 10am.

Today, I accompanied Chi (and supposedly Gopi, until Gopi fail to turn up) to get some, while I settle with another cup of necasfe.Maybe I should stock more nescafe 3-in-1's in my drawers so that I can save all the money I spend everyday on coffee....sigh.

The line ain't that long....but people are coming with a long-list of orders....and boxes to fill the orders in.

There is this one guy who bought a box full of curry puffs, all have to be neatly separated in different plastic bags, based on individual orders....never in my life had I seen one person buy so much curry puff.

The manager next to me piped... "I wonder how they choose whose turn to go and buy next every week?"

Me: Maybe they go by who is the youngest (or most junior??...the guy look so young and his belt up his pants so high, he look as if he just recently joined audit and its part of his training to go buy curry puff for the whole department)

Maybe its part of the fun right? And what better way to bond than have tea time with all your colleuges and bosses over curry puff...

*I miss the Friday free curry puff and apples for breakfast in PwC......
I wish they have that here too.....but my department have quarterly do....and that's even better!!!

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