Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm still in the office (again...kuang kuang kuang...)

It's 7.33pm....and I'm still experiencing the irritable running nose I have since morning (seriously thinking that the medication I'm taking is doing me no good) and still in the office...tada!!!My work is still yet to be completed (of course I manage to finish some la) and I feel this huge burden on my shoulders everytime I think about the 100 over legal documents that I am suppose to go through (huge sigh!!!nothing new...)....alone!!!

Wow...what a fun reading material to occupy my not so free weekend.....

*Obviously la weekend ni kena baca kan...kalau tak mana sempat???

It's ok...I have planned my night (yeah...tonight, after work) and tomorrow so I can finish most of the ground work (with what I have so far)...hopefully my plan works.

Elok jugak takde orang kat ofis ni....tak banyak disturbance.

But I need to go of soon...because I need to drop by the clinic and get MORE medication...hwahh!!!!

Jangan aku jadi junkie dah sebab terlebih makan ubat...

Wanna sign off but I need to finish this outstanding list first....ciao!!!

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