Friday, August 17, 2007

Its gonna be quite boring here today...

  1. Nobody is in office - unlucky me has to come back and do the update while everybody else have fun outside.....
  2. Tina is on leave!!!!Takde la chat buddy (*heheh!konon claim bz....tapi biasa la, di masa2 kebosanan...mestila mahu berkomunikasi...)
  3. I have to start reading through the legal documents i dread so much over the past few days....hopefully i don't snooze to la-la-land while doing it

On another note...I woke up late this morning, my house is a wreck and I still have flu. I have clothes flying everywhere, abundle of laundry to do, and bedsheets to change.Plus dishes piling to as high as mount everest....sigh!!!

Being sick is definitly not cool...i mean you need tonnes of rest, so you sleep all night (and day if you get MC) then its a bummer if you still wake up sick.

Too bad my sister is coming over later today that she has to come home to a pig sty (literally la).

I better quit rambling...I haven't taken my medication better hurry up!!!

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