Thursday, August 2, 2007

Love at First Sight to Sean John.....

Don't get me wrong....I am not running away with some Latino...

Not that the perfume is meant for least not yet...but among all of men's perfume, this would be one of my to picks...Sean John Unforgiveable by P.Diddy.

The smell is sexy musky and swept me off my feet the first time I smell them. Seriously, I don't expect a self contained man like P Diddy to come up with a perfume that is so sensual and fresh at the same time.
Rave reviews of the perfume is swarming like bees over the net...and I am not surprised of it since I first tested them. I am very particular of men's perfume....and won't like it if its too strong/woody... neither too old nor too always has to be masculine and fresh for my man. All this while I'll give 5 star points for Bvlgari, a rival had said hello and I am happy to say "hi" back!
Check it out guys...they have them at Parkson and Metrojaya, maybe Isetan (but not sure though). Now my Jlo perfume can sit side by side her ex...heheh!

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