Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Miss me???

Away for only just a day...some of you must have missed the memo that I'll be on leave yesterday.

Was at the hospital the whole day....nothing much exciting to tell....the waiting was pure hell, smell of disinfectant, sterile environement everywhere...long walks to the carpark...sigh....thank God I have a book with me...I've been reading while waiting...

But, I manage to slip out once in a while and get some stuff done, like;
1. Got my tooth filling done at the dentist.
2.Drop by Pusat Perubatan Kelana Jaya and got my blood test done.

*the blood test (ok la ...HIV test...happy now????), can only be done at government semi government hospitals (like UM Hospital) and private ones (like SJMC) can't do it....but to my surprise it only took me an hour to get it done (from registering to driving out of the clinic) I guess that's superfast.....for government standard.

When I was waiting for my results, a guy (who was sending his mom) tried to pick me up...hahahah!He got all friendly and start asking me what I'm there for (obviously blood test la, we met at the blood test counter...duh!!!!) so I said....

Me: Hmm....I buat ujian darah utk kawin...JAIS suruh
Him: Huh?Is there such thing? I thought u'r Chinese...(had this dissapointed expression in his, some guys can't hide it, u know??)
Me:(obvious response....well, it happen to me a lot...laki aku pun rupa macam cina, mesti anak2 aku nanti pun org ingat Cina) Nope, I'm malay
Him: So you're getting married. I thought the HIV test is optional?
Me; (I showed him the form...empty la of course?) No la....JAIS needs it with the registration forms

We talked a bit...then he said goodbye.I don't even get his name....
Wow....I never thought I might appeal a total stranger in a hospital. That's a first. Besides, sape la nak mengorat kat hospital, unless u spent most of your time there, kan???

**I'm so happy that I got my toothf illing done for only RM3...and since there's not so many people, the que ain't that long either. Maybe one day I'll try and do scalling there for RM1...saves me a whole lot of cash.Plus now my tooth ain't sensitive anymore and I can happily eat without trying to avoid the painful parts, yeay!!!!

***On the above **, its me being very vain and stingy!!!!

So, the day come out to be good all in all.
Oh, FYI arif is ok.....
Can't elaborate more...he might not want to divulge the details....


Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

ehehe sempat kene ayat..ok ler tuh...neway kat mane u gi check gigi? super cheap n fast? ;P

Zuraida said...

dekat government dentist..hahah
Pusat Perubatan Kelana Jaya...
mana2 govt dentist pun memang cheap