Monday, August 20, 2007

My Cousin Michelle's Wedding Last May

I love weddings...especially when the pics are super nice....

My cousin Michelle (from Tita Mari and Tito Sonny) got hitched last May with her long time sweetheart, Josh ( I hope I got his name right, it kinda went i and out of my head several times).

I just got their wedding photos and its absolutely before blogging about my weekend....I'm showing off the photo's from her wedding in May first...oooh la la, I'm so excited....

Of course, there's so much photo's, that I manage to take only 15....coz otherwise my blog will kinda overload....

Nevertheless, let's start...the pics are in no particular bear with me ya!!!

*Tita Mari, Michelle and Tito Sonny*
Michelle is their first out of two....I bet they are very2 excited.
Plus, its their only girl.
jeez...I think u guys wont believe she's my aunt right? She looks super young...hehe...and hot too..hehe

*Michelle steping into her ride*

*Newlyweds kissing under the swords*

Josh is in the they get a military wedding at huh?

*Pretty lady*

*With the wedding cake* *With the brides family*
I wonder why this pic is super tiny....sigh...

*Before the wedding*

*the extended family*

*the kiss*
*ain't they sweet??*
*exchanging vows*

Sigh....I'm filled with happy tears....its so touching.
I heard she's pregnant now....soon I'll be an aunt!!!Hehehe!!!


mom of 2 said...

beb, the pics are so lovely...! i like...mcm in the movies..

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

ooowww dats one beautiful wedding lah... i sgt jeles! ;P

Zuraida said...

Me too!!!
I just hope my wedding will turn out as nice...hehehe!

Nicole Richie said...

1. ur aunt is HOT!
2. It all seems so perfect, the dress, the reception, the cake, the smiles, THE BRIDESMAID'S BAJU.

Zuraida said...

funny nicole!!!Our baju pun lawa jugak!!!