Friday, August 3, 2007

My Urban Escape

Since I won't be seeing Tina and I am not that hungry either...I drove straight to Bangsar to get my much desired(longed for) CB Viennesse coffee powder (for home use - Tina keep on skipping breakfast lately, so I figure that maybe I can save my cash by having coffee at home, ngeh!).

As I parked and noticed how quiet Bangsar is on a Friday....I decided to go for a manicure and pedicure just to kill time. So dropped by Salguga Beauty House and got to know the manicurist, Lorna, and the co-owner, Dixie, over a one and a half hour mani and pedi session.

After the session I was so happy...I'm practically humming all the way to CB.My toe nails and fingers look great....and I just adore the cotton candy baby pink color i pick up to be painted on my nails.Sigh.....

Too bad Tina can't join me....

Later dropped by CB to get my coffee powder. The attendant, Amirul, was asking whether I prefer a whole bean or wants the beans to be grounded.

Duh...I don't have a grinder....of course I want it grounded.

Then he goes....

CB attendant; Akak punya coffee maker type apa?
Me; (wtf??) ada type ke dik?
CB attendant : Ada...
Me; Takde la yang power sangat...yang home use punya la...
CB attendant :ye la...jenis ape?
Me ; errm...yang biase2 punya (its a Starbucks coffee maker - how can i tell him that?)
CB attendant: ok la kak, akak nak grind macam mana?
Me: (damn, ada cara nak grind jugak ke???, me so lost here)...i dunno, what do u recommend?as far as i know all i need to do is put the coffee powder at the coffee maker and voila!!!I should be able to do that!
CB attendant: office use ke home use???
CB attendant 2; (ada pulak yang interframe) kan akak tu kata home use.
CB attendant: sure ye kak, ni boleh buat sekali je, kalau salah buat akak cari dia (CB attendant 2)
Me; Haha...ok la...i cari u ok (browsing to the nametag)...lagipun i datang sini every weekend, sah kalau salah buat i datang cari balik
CB attendant 2 mula gelabah...
Me; Serious ni....

Then the coffee bean was grounded!!!
I smiled...picked up my beans (now coffee powder) at my nicely done nails and head back to work.

What a nice day!And it got even I checked my mails and got a welcoming news to hold off the follow up work I'm suppose to attend to during the briefing at 3pm.

Boy am I lucky!!!!


Little Miss Dainty said...

Saluga...that's the place i go 4 my eyebrow threading session!and the waxing there is waaayyyy cheap!!

Zuraida said...

best kan??

dixie and lorna rock i tell you, and my nails look great, i like a lot!

i wanted to do threading also just now tapi ramai sangat, tak sempat la...maybe i'll drop by tomorrow ke. Selalunya i buat threading kat beauty salon next to devi's corner...