Friday, August 31, 2007

Posting from Cathay Cineleisure

How cool is it that you can access the internet from the movies???

I know...its kinda early (now 10.45 am) to be here on a holiday....but I've been sleeping since 8pm last night...I'm so tired of it dy and what better way to spend free time than watching a movie with arif...besides, being this early means no que, no jam and free seat insured..

I went home early yesterday...i cannot tahan the coughing no longer. Went to see Kak Siti just to find out my kebaya dia terlupa nak jahit!!!So hari sabtu baru dia suruh datang balik ambil...pagi in the wee hours of morning, so I can wear them during Tina's engagement party that noon.Sigh!!!

I tapau fishball meehoon soup from the market..went home then after a very nice bowl is finished...donn on 3 big spoons of cough syrups (which is wayyyyyyy more than prescribed) and go to lala land...

The night is very bad...well that's an understatement, its HELL!!! I keep on waking up in the middle of the night coughing the hell out of it, throat bursting like being bomb every single time...and everything sort of hit its finale when i vomited everything between my stomach and my's no dream took me a solid hour in the excruciatingly take them all out.

So that's why i woke up so breezy at 9amthis morning...called arif, ajak him for breakfast and movies....and while waiting, had a long shower...wash my hair, put on my hair mask..had a mini home spa session and top everything with cooling magnolia lotion.

The cough is still there, but way better than yesterday, alhamdulillah. Today would be a much better day.

Oh....and Happy Merdeka Day Peeps....

I want to write something about mereka...but really out of ideas at the moment. Maybe next year!

P/s: I heard Prince Edwards from England is here????

ok "Black Sheep"movie is starting pretty soon...I'll update u guys about it later. Seriously, a story about man-eating sheeps can only be very bad or very good.

Have a great weekend!!!!!


Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

How's blacksheep?? ;P...

Zuraida said...

both gory and slightly funny...but i enjoyed it!!!