Monday, August 20, 2007

Quick glance over my weekend...


Nothing much....attended a relative's wedding in Kuala's will be updated tomorrow...the vain sister's (hehehe, me & ani) obviously had more fun than the bride. She spent most of the time looking down to the ground that you hardly get a pic of hr looking much of lack of self we heard somebody say in the background " ape ni...pengantin mesti tundul sikit...tundul lagi, pandang bawah"...what the ????

kalau aku yang kawin, abis la minah tu...tak kire la mak andam ke, sape ke. Its my wedding day, why should I be looking at the ground???


Had to cancel my plans with Tg Farrah due to unforeseen circumstances.

Manage to find time to go visit Fiona with Chi and Gopi. Thank God she is feeling much better now. I can't believe they actually remove 6cm size fibroids from inside her tiny looks scary.


Hmm..totally forgot that today is Syarul's I definitely can not stay late today...heheeh (what an excuse!!!)

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