Wednesday, August 8, 2007

TAGGED! - 21 Things I Want In A Lover

Tina tagged me!~!!

I was NEVER tagged before!!Or I was too busy to bother that I was tagged, muahahah...

But since I have spare time, what's the harm right???And its something I wanted to write in a long time here it goes;

21 Things I WANT (ermm...can I say DEMAND??to strong ain't it??) in MY (my mon cherie.....) Lover
  • SPOIL ME TO ROT!!!!!!! (itu sudah seharusnya!!- though the upcoming traits comes in no particular order, this one is the No.1)
  • A perfect gentleman (good manners, polite to ppl, etc)
  • Know what I'm thinking before I even think about it (definitely in psych with me)
  • Can lead me - in EVERY situation
  • Can talk REASON to me
  • Can stand my temper tantrums and hissy fits (not only during the time of the month and especially when I am very depressed of something)
  • And NOT SHOUT while trying to REASON and facing my tantrum and hiss fits (damn I'm so demanding)
  • Understand my shopping needs (preferably one that finance it...but I'll settle with understanding rather that my ex's that complains about tak understanding!!!)
  • Who would LOVE to be with me 24/7...thinks of me all the time
  • Passionate in bed (awh!!!)
  • Romantic...though I know chivalry is dead but I still have hopes that somebody might actually rekindles it.
  • Someone who DON'T FORGET MY B'DAY - I don't care if the whole world forgets but this one person just CAN't....and me reminding him on my b'day that it is my b'day will now better to face one year of wrath...until the next b'day comes!

(** had bad experience with bf's forgetting my bday's..what a huge skeleton in my closet)

  • Loves to have coffee with me (sigh!!!)
  • Don't mind spending hours in front of the TV with me and days in the cinema - me huge movie fan!!
  • Understand my obsession about spa and wouldn't mind me spending hours in one during our vacation together (yippee....)
  • Someone I can talk with, enjoy my leisure time with, share a hobby and grow old with
  • Loves my cooking (even though its a simple sardin) and gobbles down everything I cook
  • Tells me he loves me everyday
  • Kiss my forehead everyday (makes me feel so loved!!!)
  • Makes me laugh without even trying
  • makes me felt secured and content
  • Love my kids!!! mestila...I'm gonna have at least one, one day....then he will have to spoil both the mom and the kids...hehehe!

We'll...I almost got there.

Can't say whether I can get everything, NOBODY GETS EVERYTHING THEY WISH....but if I am ever granted at least 50% of it, I am utterlessly GRATEFULL....yeah!!!

Now I'm tagging;

  1. Puterikurekure
  2. XOXO
  3. Ika
  4. The mellow dramatic queen...hehehe!Silalah update blog anda!


Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

ehheeh Passionate in bed (awh!!!)
IS A MUST!! ok...! ehhehee i'll do it when i have time k dear.. ;P

Zuraida said...

hmm...i believe that u must satisfy that part of yourself in order to be truly whole...hehehe...people, jangan la pura2 hipokrit kata its not important!