Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tak sabarnya tomorrow cuti!!!

Yeah yeah yeah...I've been hyped about tomorrow's public holiday since yesterday....macam tak pernah cuti pulak...not that I am going anywhere out of town for the long holidays...

Since yesterday, I have managed to get a few things done, among them are...

1. Get my nails done.
Rushed to Saluga Saloon after work yesterday for a 7pm I have my nails all so nicely done...beaming!Never ever would I miss a manicure session again!I just can't stop staring at my perfect!

2.Go to the clinic and get medication
After the manicure and dinner of chicken porridge with arif, the oh-so-exhausted-and-very-irritated me was taken to the clinic to claim proper medication to cure my cough. I went to bed early last night so that I can get adequate rest...though woke up super lazy this morning and still having the most irritating cough ever, ut felt a bit better because at least my throat doesn't feel like being brusghed with sand paper!

3. Spring clean my desk
Server was down this no access to the world wide web.Nothing to do as well since no later feedback (thank God!) plus the broken down server doesn't allow proper mails going in and out.

So what's a bored girl to do?Sick of piling nonsense on my desk and the fact that I am at the verge of no longer being able to find whatever I want/need lately....I start cleaning up...sorting file, dispensing trash, reorganising my drawers....3 hours later, my desk is clean and good...I am so proud of myself.Even my kiasu files are all properly segregated and organised, something I have never manage to do all these years.

*Kiasu files - files where you put all your emergency documents, in case you need them.

Usually I will just stack all my kiasu documents in a folder and shove them at a corner...never even bothered to look at them till the time I need to throw them out...maybe in 2 or 3 years time later (or when I am really sure that I will never ever need them again). But today, I manage to properly file them in a folder, even separate by header and titles. I bet if I have more time I'll start labelling them..heheh!!!

4. Call kak siti to pick up my baju kebaya later after work!!!
Finally, my kebaya is ready for pick up. Had scheduled to meet them up later after excited!!!

That will be my baju raya for the year...two pair of chiffon kebaya (grey and blue) the sequinned baju kurung I got from Mama Ros last week.Maybe if I have spare cash sometime next month I'll go and get a light pink french lace to match the kanin batik Indonesia I bought with mommy last week on our trip to Pengkalan Kubu, and have another kebaya done for Raya Haji.

Picking up the kebaya will reap another RM250 from my purse...kuang kuang kuang.....a sum I feel very hard to part with but in this case, have to do so, because its necessary....otherwise I won't have anything to wear anymore.

Have I told you that I almost outgrown all the clothes I have in my closet?

I vow to give away everything I outgrown after Raya...that means parting with half of my baju kebaya/kurung collection....almost 3/4 of my working clothes and other casual sedey...but what's the point of holding on it for so long right??? Maybe I can make some unfortunate people out there happy....nah!

The restocking of my wardrobe is going to kill me I tell away so much clothes means I will have to start shopping for new ones....and lately with the added weight, I don't seem to feel happy anymore shopping for clothes. (*That's why I keep on splurging on bags and shoes..ish tak patut...nanti ada kasut and bag, baju takde?).But I can't avoid it no longer...terpaksa dah....maybe I should start with getting working clothes first (skirt, shirt- sangat perlu, baru tersedar i banyak giveaway shirt before I move to Taman Tun, pants - harap la ada size lagi, hehehe!) and a pair or two court shoes.At least I have to stock up enough clothes to last me for a week.

But if I have to restock later, I vow to keep my wardrobe down to only one as compared to 2 that later when arif has to move in, i won't have problems to create him some space...

Dah lepas lunch ni terasa mengatuk pulak...and its not helping that I have to take cough medicine....lagi drowsy nanti...nak tido tak boleh, nak buat something takde mood...kalau lari balik jap boleh???yeah right, in my dreams...nanti tak pasal2 lady telepon, gabra pulak nanti.

OK la, nak pergi buat milo jap...ciao!

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