Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Very Long Update

Updates, updates, updates...the serial blogger had to live without the luxury of the internet connection for a week and look at the huge amount of updates to follow.....plus its illustrated with pics (heheh...so u guys won't find my life boring!!!)...

Masuk2 ofis pagi ni je dah busy prepare for a client meeting and rush out...not back to my desk till 12pm (phewh!!!). Itupun nasib baik Lady Bos ada meeting at 12...kalau tak dok la kat meeting tu sampai petang (heheh!).

I finally had my phone unbarred!!!! (thanks to my paycheque that had finally arrived on Sunday...) and I'm buzzing like a bee again...nothing makes me more happier than to communicate with my gal pals....I miss them so much!!!!

In fact...I manage to hook up with the Chill Gang (raf, Izwain and Shaz....amat lama tak jumpa ok...seabad rasanya) for dinner at Muhibbah last night. Though tired, I am very very happy to finally be able to get together...almaklum la, lately almost everyone is busy with work.

Gopi Resigned...

He left the firm last week after being with us for over more than a year....you will surely be missed man....especially during department trips and do's..

P/s: Gopi,U remember what happen to u at Sanctuary?Classic!!

*Esteemed collegue and friend....your presence will be dearly missed (especially during tea time...hahahah!)*

KPMG had our Community Day Yesterday....

Yeah...one day with no work and all play makes everybody very very enthusiastic and happy!!!Though it meant picking up rubbish at the "already-(almost)-clean" FRIM....The whole department was there celebrating the event...I have a pic in which take ages to download (finally!!!!).

We are all clad in bright blue t-shirts and equipped with gloves that makes us sweat like mad! Sebijik macam buruh binaan...hahaha!Some of us took the chance to go for the Canopy Walk after we have concluded our necessary chores. I on the other hand, opted to stay at camp and wait for food, because I don't wish to tire myself even more after the much exhausting weekend.

Too bad Gopi ain't around....

My Trip Back From Kelantan

What to say? I'm at lost of words.....scroll on....

*Me...half bored since my flight was delayed for more than an hour...so I was stuck at the airport's waiting area for what feels like a million years....look at me....all tired, with dark circles around my eyes, hair limp and lifeless....nasib baik I took a shower before rushing to the airport...otherwise I'll be super cranky over my utterless frustration over AirAsia's sucky service. So call "no-frills" flights are now getting to my nerve.....*

*I am not the only one bored...at least this guy has his Ipod...I, on the other hand, was left with Jeffery Archer's False Impression's....which I took the liberty to succesfully finish during the long wait.Maybe I should get one IPod tooo....*

*My luggage...plus one in the cargo....this bag was super heavy okeh!!!!My mom made me carry 4 crystal serving plates in the bag that would weight at least 7 kgs....so that time I amat la piss off ok masa flight delay...dah la ramai orang!!!!*

I wish I own a private jet that can fly anytime at my own wimp!!!Sigh!!!

Visit to the Sleeping Buddha

Well, my visit to Kelantan was not all work and no play....of course la kena jalan2 dan pergi bershopping sakan....tapi memandangkan yang I ni dah lama bebeno tak shopping...I didn't much have the interest to buy anthing (plus I need to constantly remind myself that I'll need to save for the wedding...bummer....).

So Mama Ros brought the whole family (in 1 Prado, 1 Pajero, 1 CRV, 1 Van and 3 cars - in which was all very full with no space left except to breath) to Pengkalan Kubu to shop and later visit the Sleeping Budda at Wat Protinavat on the way back.

The weather was great! Not too hot, not too dry....and it was not raining. Though the sun was bright my skin ain't burning too bad, so the day was pleasurable.

*Me and the sleeping Buddha....though they have a bigger one in Thailand...this was also cute huge*

*Me and baby at the Wat's compound*
*Me and mommy at one of the temple's....mommy gain weight (so did I)...ni mesti banyak makan lompat tikam ni*

Lompat tikam - a mixture of glutinous rice, kuih talam, santan and red sugar.....yummy!!!I can spend the whole day eating that stuff if not for the super duper extra calories that comes with it...
*There are paintings and stories of the Buddhist folklore around the sleeping buddha.....quite a good read*
*Another mini temple....this one is my favourite....I like the two dragons protecting it*
*after all of us are done, we sat back in a group and enjoy our day with fresh coconuts....*
Fascination over Vienna Bagel....

Last week, in between weddings and a huge pile of work....I have fell in love with bagels...

I hate bagels (they are hard and too sour) but I have developed a liking to Vienna Bagels (KLCC, third floor, in front of TGV Cinema - what use to be Auntie Anne Pretzel's counter)....they are so not the bagels I ever knew...
Plus...I love the box!!!! (p/s; me - so cepat jatuh hati pada cute packaging.....what a weakness!)
A must try is the bagel dip with chocolate...and the white chocolate with nuts...definitely.....

Syarul Hadis's Wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda on Monday the 20th

Haha!This was the wedding I used as an excuse to rush out of work from last Monday....and guess what...Sara, Faizal, Az and Fadzrun was there by invitation from Syarul himself....the newlyweds are clad in pink attire...but I'm just not in much mood to snap pics tonight...especially long distant photos...so gambar makanan and kite2 je la ade....
*Faizal looking 5 years youunger (to match ehem-ehem....) while Sara smile (almost a) vicious smile...that night the video camera paid a visit to our table a few times....heheh*
*By the time we started dinner our stomachs are drumming louder than the music...but food was good and yummy....so no protest!*
*Azlina giving a thumbs up.....her hubby was so hungry he didn't even bother with the camera anymore!*

It was fun.....especially during the slide show.....and joking over Syarul that was very very shy...

My Cousin Dik Nor's Wedding on the 18th Pics
Well, I did tell u guys about my cousin who wed in Kuala Pilah last 2 weekends....and here are the pics...yang sekian lamanya terperap kat dalam my digicam and screaming to be viewed!! Nanti simpan lama2 basi pulak..heheh!

*arif - at my cousin's wedding - lost few kg's and looking a tad smaller..... while I gain weight like mad...hahahah!Amat tak bagus...so for the next few weeks alamatnya no more nasi lemak!!!*
*My cousin, Nor, the bride and her new husband....sepanjang perarakan she's been staring to the ground because her wedding party insisted that its more demure that way....if it's up to me I'd rather smile to the crowd than made to look like a doll....I might stumble okeh kalau asyik tengok bawah je...*
*Ani, my mom and me acting vain while everyone was busy sending the newlyweds to the pelamin*
*Before having lunch...while perut sangat lapar*
* Me and my Mak Lang...yang umur setahun muda dari I*

How I get a Mak Lang who is much younger than I am I also don't know....check this out, she has two younger brother...aged around 8 to 10 years old...which means I have an uncle wayyyy younger....

OK..that's it...the end of a very very long update over the past one week....u guys saw the wedding pics from Kelantan dy, so no need to put more, I suppose....lepas ni nak pergi main tiggedy tagged pulak...heheeh!


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