Monday, August 6, 2007

What a Bad Weekend...

My Friday night was very, very bad....

My car brokedown in the middle of rush hour jam at Jalan Sultan Ismail on my way to BonTon for the PwC Alumni gathering, the pump attendant at Caltext (such assholes) refuse to help and the spil of oil during an attempt to fill my oil tank badly damaged my newly manicured hand.

*BonTon was not bad....the food was ok (all finger time don't expect dinner) and I got to meet a lot of old friends....though more than half of the faces I saw was VERY UNFAMILIAR...heheh.

A frustrated me threw a fit! Arif and I had gone to a very long fight...for once in my life, I wish I can erase the past couple of months from my life and run very far away.

Nevertheless, I went out to HRC with Zeti, Raf and Apak. Surprisingly bumped to Faskah while enjoying the new band they have there. Had an OK night wasn't usually a blast unless I downed a lot of "mixed" Coke. But I can't overdo myself because I hitched a ride with Raf...don't want to offend the driver, especially when I'm utterly depressed and angry.

I woke up on Saturday morning (still angry) with a very bad leg ache ( I get that right???). I can't even walk properly in my own house, and was bed bound till almost noon. I brave myself the pain, met arif for brunch...then drove to DU for my long awaited facial.

My (sort of) broken leg was only repaired on Sunday morning, Arif took me to Kg Melayu Subang to met an Opah who can massage my pain away for merely RM35. It was a good body instantly felt light, my leg aching less, and was adviced to hold on the ice on all my drinks, stay in warm places (because she claims that my veins suffering from chillness) and bathed with a concoction of herbal leaves (that is supposed to refresh me, hmmm...not really sure of that, am only going the start boiling them later today).

Arif and I still fought till later last night...the dreadful feeling still lingers, and all I can do to shut it out was try to focus on something else and get hold of another the moment I'm reading Jeffrey Archer's False Impressions...a book I borrowed from which I am already halfway through.

I hope today is a better day....

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