Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yesterday's Movie Night

I was busy like a bee the whole day....and feeling somewhat confused plus a bit frustrated because it seems like I've been beating around the bushes all day following up on a job that never seem to end.Was working on one reconciliation and another while searching for information that was suppose to be disclosed but don't know's like searching for a needle in a haystack....super depressing. Nasib baik ada Farouq, who was helping me run up and down to the filing room to get all the files...kalau tak mau aku moody hari ni...

My coughing ain't making me feel any better. I hate dry coughs. It hurts your throat everytime you coagh....macam kertas pasir je rasanya. I am so going to rush back 5.30 sharp so that I can go to the clinic and get something....biar yang kuat2 sikit....elok lagi kalau the thing make me doze that I won't feel this excruciating pain everytime my throat felt irritated and let out a cough macam orang sakit tibi.

Seriously, I feel like people look at me as if I kena some horrible disease.

By the way, Arif and I went out to the movies last night. He wanted to watch Suster Ngesot, an Indonesian horror flick so we rush to Cinelesisure to catch the movie after work. The story is so about (so called) sexy nurse who was murdered and seeks revenge against other (so-called) sexy nurses....babe, I pick up the sexy bit on GSC's movie review over the lame....I don't understand why they must use the word in the first if everybody nanti berkejaran nak tengok the movie because of the (so-called) sexy nurses.
It turns out to be that the movie won't be on till 9.20pm....that's super late for someone who's already there at we had dinner at Italiannies, and decided to catch any other earlier show...

By the time we finish our dinner, its already 7.15pm.....and the next show is either Rouge Assasin (starring Jet Li and the transporter guy) and Train of the Dead, a Thai movie of a group of thugs who board a train that carries dead people to the afterlife.

Sebab nak sangat tengok horror flick....kitorang pun belila tiket cerita siam tu....boy what a mistake!!!

The storyline is predictable, CGI poorly done and the only attraction to the movie was the cute actor who look like Yusry KRU (I suppose, if that is ever considered cute).Sangat menyesal tak tengok Jet Li. Not to mention u can see everything that was kira cerita hantu siam gred C....langsung not worth the watch.

Tapi takpe la...nak buat macam mana. Kalau Ratatouille ada free seat time tu dah lama dah aku pergi tengok chef tikus ni, mesti lagi syok, but of course, the show was fully booked. So maybe that'll be the show we will go and watch next....

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