Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Yesterday during dinner at Shogun, a new information has brought to my attention....

Rupa-rupanya all this while I eja nama Apak is suppose to be Aparque....and he insisted on the right spelling...sheesh.

*ada ke eja macam ni?kesan sejarah sekolah berasrama....memberi nafas kepada nama2 yang pelik2 dan tak masuk akal....hahahah.

But then he takes pride over the name, so tak pe la...sorry la ye sebab silap eja.

Tapi untuk masa2 akan datang...i will still address u as Apak (not Aparque) coz it's sooo much easier to spell.

**by the way, the food at shogun was good (I was so bloated when I got home, I can't sleep!I was tossing for an hour before I finally manage to get a decent shut eye).

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Nicole Richie aka ... said...

u know wat? i just realised that way back in high school my frens spell my name as WYNN. even our school name convent sentul jadik convent st. twulle. giler glamer.