Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Criminal Minds Night In...hehehe

Yesterday I buka ala kadar je...(yeah right, I went to Chilis and had the Cajun Chicken sandwich)...met my sister to pick up chocolate cake mommy made me over the weekend (sob sob...ada orang jugak sayang kat aku yang depress ni) and later, just chill at home to watch CSI and Criminal Minds.

Semalam punya episod of Criminal Minds agak mendebarkan....Reid kena tangkap and taken hostage ok....I am so excited to know what the team would do without the nerd, hehehhe.Dah la criminal kali ni narcissistic psycho yang ada triple personality, boleh tak?

Eventhough Reid was safe at the end...to bad now he has a bad habit...drug addiction. Ni kerja psiko tu la inject dia dengan drugs....

Somewhere in between the show the energy went out...obviously I panic (mestila, mak hidup mesti ada electricity okeh!!!and WTH boleh takde elektrik kat tengah2 taman tun ni???)...dah la tengah seronok tengok TV kan, tiba2 putus....tension je....nasib baik 10 minutes je....lepas tu ada balik.

Kalau tak...mesti sakit hati tak dapat tengok Criminal Mind. Dah la aku dah addict tengok cite tu..

By the way, I realised that I was so tired and lethargic yesterday, and figured that maybe I was feeling that way because I was dehydrated. So I don up more than 2 litres of water all night and voila, now I am feeling fresh and good...miracle of H2O, hehehehe.Plus, I took almost 14 pieces of dates just to keep my energy up all night. Agaknya berapa kalori dalam buah kurma?mesti banyak tak ingat ok. Tapi at least I don't feel bloated. So its good, so far.

Ofis dah menyepi, because most of my collegues have either left for client or had gone for lunch.

Can't wait for work to be over...meeting Raf, Apak and Izwain today for buka puasa at Shogun...

*macam mana nak kurus ni, tak abis2 pergi buffet?

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