Monday, September 10, 2007

Have u ever been torned?

Have you ever sat at a crossroads of two very different choices, and required to choose one of the two?
have you ever felt so confused, so torn up inside, that you can't choose either?
What do you do?
I hate croosroads...yet to not have any choice at all is even worse. Some people make the practical choice to be on the safe side, some made emotional decisions, yet, have anyone ever wonder what will happen if they chose the latter?
Sounds greedy right? But I suppose its human nature to enquire to it. I suppose its part of survival that we have our own defense mechanism planted in our brains in every step of decision making so that to keep us from getting hurt.
But then if we don't get hurt we wouldn't have known the price we should have paid for something that we deserve...whether our choices had been good/bad...
People say that we should be grateful with what we are blessed, love the people who love us more than the ones who we love but didn't do us justice, count our blessings and be content with whatsoever fortune bestowed upon us (no matter how great or small)..but if a choice should be made despite whatever the circumstances are, can we doubt our past choices and make another that seems to eradicate which-so-ever earlier blessings? Would people understand what we would have done, or whatever that will be done differently?
Confusion, confusion...
Let's pray for guidance....hopefully this month can inspire us all to a more blessed way of living, and in making better choices...

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