Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

Macam enthusiastic je hari ni balik ofis...tak sabar2 nak kerja..heheh.

I'm still coughing, which is NOT GOOD...sebab dah over a week I'm coughing like a hag, still tak baik2...on another note, the coughing is as not as bad as it use to be, so I am not feeling like my throat is being bombed everytime I cough...

I think lady boss thinks that I am sick because I am so stressed out...coz the last 2 weeks I was succumbed to a never-ending updating rollercoster in office...tup tup end of the week je i demam....but it was not the stress...really...i rasa its just the weather, everyone around me is sick with something, maklumla, durian/rambutan/manggis season...(i read somewhere that malaysian fruits are cursed, coz they can't go thru a season without actually bringing a disease or another.....see????)....not to mention the never ending rain day in and day out. Semalam time I call dia she was saying "it's ok girl, u don't touch anything, I have updated it...pity u stress out so bad, sick already"....sigh.....what am I to say?

But I did my best...sakit2 pun ku usahakan jugak...hahaha...kena la motivate diri ni sikit....kalau boleh last monday i tak nak mc...tapi doktor tu la...bagi ubat mengantuk tak ingat...i nak bangun pun tak larat.But I think I have ample rest....asyik tido je manjang whenever I hit the sack...alang2 kat umah je ok la sikit.

But still, I am going back to see the clinic today to get this cough checked. Mama dah risau, dia kata mak long suruh check sekali lagi sebab tak abis2 sakit je manjang. Well, she has a point. Hopefully its nothing bad.

Today I have much to do....have to go thru the things my other lady boss just handed me (you guys will be hearing about a lot of lady bosses...all my bosses are ladies except for one...hahahah!!!).She just flew the Perth (and left me here...sigh!!!) and I terkedek2 catch up with the materials she left me coz I know nothing about what they were doing earlier....I tak soka masuk train lambat ni, tapi nak buat macam mana, kan?

Ok la...since I have a lot to do...cya peeps later!

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