Friday, September 14, 2007

Ok Peeps, see you guys after the weekend!

Sangat best...lagi 10 minits to sign off, tak sabar2 nak balik and pergi pasar ramadhan....what am I going to get today???hmm.....nanti jadi macam semalam, there's too many choices, so spoilt over it...last2 makan nasi lauk ikan and sayur (and cream caramel...heheheh!).

I feel like taking arif to the movies later at midnight, but I am not sure he is really up to it. But he did promise to take me grocery shopping, to stock up on baking stuff and food, my fridge is so empty these last few days...

And tomorrow we are going house-hunting, yoohoo.....Arif is taking me to go see a few houses at Kelana Jaya and Ara Damansara area...sangat excited. U think i still have time to drop by Saluga's to fix my nails in the morning?Hmmm...have to check on that. I have lost a pair of contact lens already because my nails are too long....jeez....what to do...bulan ni pakai specs jela....

I'm packing. Cya peeps!!!

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