Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Perempuan Semua Mata Duitan??

Ok...within this week alone I heard this word uttered a few times by a few people...and somehow I felt that it's an interesting topic to discuss...heheh..

Betul ke semua perempuan mata duitan?

Adil ke perempuan digeneralisasikan macam tu?

Well, if I say money is not important, I would be lying. But having concern over a partner's financial stability shouldn't make a girl materialistic, right? Nowadays, survival of the fittest is no longer measured by who is the strongest, the most powerfull of all (like a caveman, u got the picture right) but in many forms more complicated to understand, because as lives evolves, the way we think changes, thus creating a ripple effect in our lives evolving our habits, changing our needs, desire and concerns.

Women fifty years ago may not take financial stability seriously because then, the cost of living is lower and life is less demanding. These days things are different...u need to start paying for education, medication cost a bomb, inflation keep on rising...that somehow, we frail creation of God (yeah, us female) can't help but sought security in our to say money ain't important is rubbish. It is important. And we need our man to be capable of providing at least the bare necessities for a good life - food, shelter and a good future for our kids (if there is any....they should be provided with adequate education, given the opportunity to be able to earn a degree, have proper medication and nutrition and being allowed the proper environment to excel as a person).

These days,we women did not sit still and wait for our fortunes to land on our lap. Please do not fail to realise that women of our generation is learning to stand on their own two feet (and stronger every day) by having our own career and source of income. In a way, we are independant on our own and capable of managing our own lives.

Of course, women loves luxury. Who the hell don't like to be pampered? But luxury remains as it is, it's not meant to be had every day. I believe that most women's concern is sustainability and security.

After all that, men still thinks that we are all gold-diggers?

I once heard a story of a guy who claims that all women are gold-diggers because the first thing they ask when they start to get to know you is wether u own a house, have a car, what kind of job you do...and if it doesn't fit the bill, she splits.

Well, such general question can label one person materialistic meh?

Sheesh, one girls criteria in choosing a man surely doesn't represent a population of billions of women in the world. What about a guy who chooses a girl base on the way she dress, the make-up she wears, or the car she drives?

I believe materialistic should be defined as an individual character, unique to a specific addressee. If the women has the traits...then you as a man should simply avoid them.

Then, comes the next question, what is the trait?

Hmm...I wouldn't know a specific trait, but any Dick, Jo and Harry can pass a materialistic partner just by common sense...

If you think you can't afford to provide your girl with more than what she is already endowed with, then stay away...obviously if she's rich and well off, her definition of "bare necessities" will be more than the average joe's definition of the same thing...thus, maintenance will be a problem...and...

Even if you are confident enough to approach her when you don't match the above, a relationship can still be on if there are other qualities in her that attracts you...maybe her smile, generosity...whatever. Love works it charms in many ways, if she is made for you then mati hidup semula pun you'll end up with her...

So pandaila ukur baju atas badan sendiri....

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