Friday, September 14, 2007

Pics from last Friday Night....

Hahahaha...I know its so rude to have pics of food on second day of puasa...and make people think about food at this ungodly lunch hour...but hecks, I'm dying to show the pics off and buka puasa is 7 hours (more or less) away.... so its not that bad...kan???

The pics are taken sometime last pic of my lovely "Chicken in a Bag" meal at the Apartmen and me and my fiance night out at Melting Pot the Friday before here it goes...

*Chicken in A Bag at the Apartment - creamy and so filling right to the last bite*

*The Melting Pot*

Arif use to bring me here quite often after our clubbing sessions at Hard Rock Cafe...and since these days we rarely go clubbing, we then rarely drop by...the food is ok I suppose, what I love about Melting Pot is the string quartet that sings numbers from table to table....aahh....they're fun....*That's my dish last Friday night - Yow Chuan Fried Rice- damn, I maybe sick, but that night I was really really the background is Arif dishing his hot chocolate....what?salahke minum hot chocolate?*

* Me and my hot chocolate...of course, we have to have one each...when it comes to hot chocolate sharing is not an option....look at that foamy whip cream....*
*And as alway arif comes in packages of many faces...this is when he is happy and neutral*
*This is when he starts wandering around*
*This is when he is wandering how to get to my hot chocolate because his is finished...heheheh*
*Aint that a lovely date?*
Have a nice day peeps!!!


Wawa said...


gila la zue.

mana nak cari food tuh kat melaka nih?????

Zuraida said...

hahahah...tu semua boleh masak sendiri tu...

tak silap i dulu jamie oliver ada ajar macam mana nak buat chicken in a bag....amat senang...tapi tak ingat la resipi dia...

nasi goreng yow chuan tu dia punya presentation je power, rasanya macam nasi goreng yow chuan la....hahahahah!!!

selamat berpuasa!