Monday, September 10, 2007

Terlebih excited pulak jawab komen....on beauty

Hahahha!was entertaining kurekure and zie's comments on hairstyling products and make-up that I didn't realise its more or less like an entry already!!!!

If anyone is interested in my fav shampoo and make-up goodies, please see the comments in the last entry....i sangat teruja....

Suddenly it hit me....terasa macam promoter barang pulak kan?but then, where the heck can you know about bargain price and quality stuff if it's not from testimony of friends who have tried them?tak payah la susah2 jadi guinea pig nak test barang...kan?

I love trying new things, especially when it comes to make-up, as much as I love eating food. I use to spend hours at Stila's make-up counter in KLCC and befriended a promoter there, Joelle, who thought me a lot of stuff on how to make me look pretty and how to use all the things I buy from here. She even thought me how to create the smokey eye look, the daring look,gave me the tip on how to use the eyeliner for dramatic effect, mix-and-match that I have moved to Taman Tun...I really missed her a lot.....since I rarely shop and drop by KLCC anymore.

(yeah, and also over the fact that I am on a tight budget control and I can not lavishly spend my moolah's Stila is now a luxury....can only go there for refills....not extra extra...).

Sometimes I rasa i silap profesion....maybe I should be a personal shopper...tolong orang cari barang, beli barang...but who the hell want to hire me?? So till the time comes and I meet people who would do exactly that and pay me dosh, I will just have to equipt myself wth as much knowledge of fashion and beauty, and in between, try and test stuff.

Tapi maybe people would find my taste a bit funny kan...i recommend Stila and Benefit, instead of MAC and Bobbi Brown...kenapa???

I have nothing against MAC and Bobby Brown, in fact, I think they are very good make-up brands myself, but I love things that looks natural and can come in handy....means no bulky packaging/size, the packaging should be chic yet practical, on the go yet sassy look....make-up that can relate to day to day use, not the ones that make u look too perfect that it seems like you just step out of a magazine.

Nothing against that too...siapa tak nak nampak lawa kan? But I tried so hard before to cover up flaws in my face that it looks awkward, so after a point of time, i stop trying so hard and use the stuff that can me get ready in a jiffy and makes me look naturally maybe I might not step out of a beauty magazine but I still look dazzling.

That's my awe people naturally. Then they look past my scars and flaws, and I am happy with the way I look...everybody's comfy and happy.Once in a while I do try very hard...time annual dinner ke, special occasion ke....of course la, semua orang go the extra mile then, kan? Time nak glam up baru i pergi cari MAC (sebab color dia agak glam jugak)....I tak pernah try Bobbi Brown, maybe one day.....

That's why Stila and Benefit work so well with me, because it's easy to use. I have so many of them I can open up my own beauty counter...hahahah!Elianto is a new addition to my inventories and I am loving it more and more everyday!!!

Plus I am allergic to Dior cosmetics, Clinique cosmetics (other than skincare) colors are too pale (I can only use mascara, eyeliner and some of the gloss, even then I still prefer others), Estee Lauder looks to old and Lancome is too dry.....

Would love to try...
1. make-up forever
2. Bobbi Brown (as stated above)
3.Skin Food - nampak macam best je....tapi promoter kat Cineleisure tu stuck-up gila, hilang mood I nak try. Next time la, maybe...


kurekuredalamperahu said...

hey! thanx for the info.

btul la zue. u bleh bukak cosmetic counter one day.

i kawen nanti i panggil u je make-up i ...leh tak? ;)

Zuraida said...

Boleh boleh tak de masalah....tapi takut la nanti tak glam sangat u kecewa....hehehhe...kalau tak kisah takpe...i practice dari sekarang!!!