Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tip in Preserving Fruits

Since I am not at liberty for lunch today onwards till the end of the month....I am sitting at m desk staring to empty space, wondering what I should do to fill the gap in time....

Then obviously the thought about food kick in, though I am not suppose to think about it....temptations temptations....then i start contemplating on the groceries shopping i need to do before heading to mum's place on saturday....

Which brought my mind to fruits, and the talk I had with a friend last weekend on how she preserved fruits when she was studying overseas...

Well, to cut the story short, she actually came out with the idea to freeze the fruits to preserve it longer (note: pls use a working freezer, part freezing will lead to inconveniences we might not want to face).

This especially work if you love to have smoothies. She recalled the days when she had excess bananas, which normally can't last at most a week at normal room temperature, so what she did was pop the banana in the freezer (so it froze to icicles in a few days) and later whenever she has the whim for juice and smoothies, just pop it out of the freezer straight to the blender, and voila...smoothie on the go!

Its so convenient you can put less ice because it's already an icicle.

So in case you guys have excess fruits (apples, oranges, bananas?) during the month, and have a company of a blender at home, maybe you can try this and save 8 bucks on a smoothies during buka puasa!

Have a nice day!!!

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