Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Answers...on nature of subjects

Doing what I do we have all sorts of questions imaginable...but sometimes the funniest answer comes from the simplest questions....hahahah

I've encountered the same (or at least similar) answer to this questions many times...ever since I was in audit....check it out...

The question is, "what is the nature of -------?" (fill in the blank with whatever item line name that cross your mind)

What I am expecting (obviously) is "the nature is -------" ( the explaination of nature, pretty straight forward right?

Common answer that I received..

1. "that is account xxx and account xxx" - well, if I need the account code its stated clearly in the ledger, but that does not explain the nature doesn't it??

2."that will take quite some time to come up with, because we need to go through xxx accounts and then summarise xx accounts.....to come up with the figure" - hmm....that maybe the answer to my next question, but it still doesn't explain the nature of -----, right???

3. "I'll have to check and get back to you"....in which they take ages to do so...fastest being in 2 days. What the ----?I can't understand why it'd take so long if you've been doing the accounts for years anyway...

The most classic answer...

"Why don't you check the SAP yourself?"

*with an evil grin...sometimes...*

Well, I would if the SAP is complicated enough to answer subjective questions....so far even the descriptin they type in is not that comprehensive...

Poor auditors....hehehehhe.

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