Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baru makan lunch sudah lapar???

Inilah natijahnya bila takde kerja....baru balik lunch perut sudah memainkan lagu ghazal ala ala filharmonik....

And it is not even 2 pm yet!!!!!

This is so not good.....

I was super duper hungry yesterday and actually pigged out (hehehe....I'm not actually proud of it....) the whole night, rasa macam ada something wrong aje....maklumla....macam ada penyakit je! I know that I have to eat moderately tapi perut ni asyik lapar je, I pun dah hilang akal.

What the hell is happening to me???

I have sufficient (or so i thought!) breakfast and lunch. It is suppose to be okay.

I need work! Somebody please give me something to do...

In case of emergency, I save a piece of garlic bread in my drawers. I was hoping to save it for dinner but worst case scenario, what the heck, right??

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