Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dinner at Sundanese...the Pics

Just got this emailed to me last week, but being out of access to "proper" internet connection delays my intention to post the pics asap.

Pooi Sze and Alina...see how loving my manager is? I believe that she's among the few people who loves to group hug!!!
Myself, Fiona, pooi Sze and front of the yummy and delicious food.
We have to keep on taking the photos several times because Fiona keeps on making the "face".

Hmm...notice tak???It's the thing she did with the lips....

Here we go again...the third attempt...
Finally with our clients, who (generously) splurge on the nice (very, very nice) food....heheheh

It was a good one.

I will definitely love to go back to Sundanese....

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