Monday, October 29, 2007

Emotional me....

I missed the the karoke farewell on Friday....I wasn't feeling so well myself, it was a busy week. In fact, I still dont feel like going to work today and wish that I can just go on sick leave, but alas, I had to bear in mind the goals i barely achieved for this eyar (yeah...shame on me!!!wish I can be like all the other achievers...) and dragged myself out of bed.


I woke up Saturday morning feeling dreadful. I was so excited to go sofa hunting the other day it felt weird when I woke up with no such mood at all.By 8.30 am mommy was already on the bus to KL and it'll be too late to call it off ( due to a grumpy mood) so I suck it up and went to gym for yoga...

In which I got gloriously kicked out for disrupting the much dfor saturday morning hot yoga, that'll be the last time I join that class...damn I can't bear that oh-so-arrogant instructor of mine.I'd do better with zz's at home so early on a weekend anyway.

And since I got kicked off yoga, I decided to go for a which I clumsyly ruined within the first hour.

By now you guys must thik what the hell is wrong with me right???

So after picking up mommy from the LRT station (with me even moodier-than-ever now, call me ms mad-eye moody), I decided to skip the sofa hunting and go to peek-a-boo for a haircut.

Mommmy had never been there, imagine the shock she got when I told her the haircut will cost me RM55! But the I like the cut, I like the stylist and all my friends go there, so what the heck. So my hair got even shorter, boyish, I have to tell you and after scalp treatment, I felt like on top of the world!!!!

Check out the new (shorter!) hair do!!!!

That day I even missed Syarul's open house because we had to go to Bukit Jelutong later and take the window measurements at mommy's friends (new) house...we end up at home at was super tiring.....

In between lunch and going around town with mommy, I received a news that a baby-girl is born and I am nominated (god)mother...hmmm...maybe that is why I have been SO UNEASY that day!!!

But I have to say that it was a shock! me...godmother? what am i suppose to do being a godmother?

Well, I suppose we just have to wait and see. I saw the pics of the darling baby girl (named Alani) and I have dotted her on the spot!Can't wait to see the actul thing!!!

What? Pics of the baby? not now okeh!wait until I have her in my arms, then I can post it!!heheheh! (kan?)

I had my car washed on Sunday as well..... I bet that poor things needs TLC too after being neglected for so long...

I went home early on Sunday, had dinner, watch someTV and doze of.

Actually there was a lot on my mind, but I don't know quite how to deal with it yet.

I really hope that it'll be over soon, I hate being emotional and moody.

Till I feel more cherful, adios babes!!!

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