Thursday, October 4, 2007

How time flies...

Its surprising how time flies so fast...I feel like as if I just started fasting yesterday and what bdo you know, by next weekend, its already Hari Raya.

So much things haven't least not much was achieve within the month anyway. Last week we didn't manage to bake much (hmm...don't wonder why..), maybe I should rephrase that...I don't manage to bake..hehehe...arif's mother actually forgot that I need an oven and lend out all his oven's at home, so there goes my dream to be master chef. I still haven'y picked up my kebaya from Kak Siti (hopefully she didn't mess up this time like the last), my weight is still ballooning....its quite depressing actually.

On the other hand I manage to get some things things I put off for quite some time, paid a visit to my doctor's office for check up, finish a story book (again) and recuperate on tonnes of beauty sleep after buka puasa every day...hehehe.

So it's not much of a loss after all....though I still have a few more things to do before year-end...but so far I'm good.

I still haven't got a nice photo to post...bummer...Tina had her new photo posted on her blog....I envy her... (wicked grin!!)

A bunch of us had a tour of pavillion during lunch hour (to take a break, since we can't eat anyway) and my god the place is huge...but there are still shops yet to be opened, so we just browse through a few shops in the building (manage to only go up to 2nd floor- there was insufficient time to even go for window shop in that building).

But u know what I like about the pavillion? It has a huge NineWest boutique...bigger than any other of their boutiques in KL.After a while I was set to drool already over the stuff's, but since I am not suppose to be on shopping spree (and fasting, have to not that), I have to control the tempting allure of designer bags and shoes....

On our way back we drop by JCo Donuts...rupanya sangat la yummy...takpe2, because we are all fasting I save the yummy pic for later....

Cya peeps!!!

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Wawa said...

yup, time flies.

i thought they said time flies when we are having fun.

tapi tak having fun pun time flies jugak

but it should be good la kan.