Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On Coffee Mode while Working My Farking Ass Off

The little things in life that makes me smile today after 3 working days that is so stressful, i feel expression lines forming on my forehead in which i doubt it'll ever go away....

Meet Beans (right Tita Mari???), my cousin Michelle's dog who is super duper cute.....

Got a bunch of thanksgiving photos today that lights up my day...finally.....I'm dying here....sigh!!!

My work load is somehow still at "unbearable" level....and my deadline is TODAY!!!!shikes....that is SO NOT GOOD!!!

BY now (2pm on a midweek!!!), I have spent a bomb on coffee enough to be an A.D.D patient by tomorrow morning, somehow some way only Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato makes me focus. Sigh.This can't continue any longer...I must stop!!!I'll need a huge pay hike to finance coffee expenses....

I'll definitely be on massive dehydration mode by the end of the week at the rate I am going now.

I suppose the best part is my starbucks corganiser stamp collection card is almost full!!!! One more to go and I can get my organiser!!! (what a junkie...18 cups in 2 weeks?)

I hope this nightmare will be over by tomorrow!I hope I can somehow find a way to finish all my reports by today....and by tomorrow I'll be just clearing queries....

In order to turn those hopes to reality I have to start working now...ciao! ciao!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Struggling for my Sanity

I'm driven to madness....

I haven't been in such a farking mess since (God know's when!!!!)....hmm....quite some time that suddenly my work load is driving me insane!!!

I feel like crying!!!!!

I have (almost) blown away my cool, constantly having negative thoughts, in a damn farking bad mood....I need to chill, but I thinl my chill pill had ran out...sigh!!!

*My boss kept on saying to keep on thinking positive and it'll all be sorted out....easier said than done I'm supose...hwah!!!!!!!! I know, I know...he's just trying to keep my spirits up...but why can't he give us an extended dealine instead???it'll definitely help better than just mere words!!!

God I wish I can wisk up a miracle and all of this can go away...

Apart from work related stress, the week hasn't been that good car got hit last week, my stuff hasn't been packed for the move, the new house hasn't been confirmed....not to metion laundry piling like nobody's business.

Again I wish I had a magic wand.....thank God my sis is coming over this weekend and help out.Otherwise I'm dead meat (salami???).

I suppose I just have to think more of the good things that will come (if ever!!!I can't even stop thinking about work!!!Damn I'm fidgeting!!!) like tomorrow's breakfast with Tina (yeah, finally, hope she doesn't get all sick again..), moving out to a new house (getting the keys on Sunday, hopefully), annual dinner on the 30th (will definitely find a way to enjoy and leave all this things behind) and the department quarterly gathering on 15th December....but most of all...Singapore at the end of the year!!!Here I come!!!! I know, the chill gang's plan to go to Kopangan for New Year celebration is definitely cooler than time out in the Lion City,but I can't afford leave on 2nd Singapore it is for me (plus I might not have the budget!hehheheh!).

It's ok, maybe things will get better...hopefully....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Wedding in Terengganu!!!!

I know I promised the update much earlier.....tapi akak agak bz la....hahahahah!!!!Lately officework piles up like nobody's business, and soon after coming back from Terengganu, I was immediately assigned to a new job in PJ (hmmm...memang sah tak cukup staff ok!!!), and the job ain't sweets and candy (pastu banyak pulak tu!!!!), so kinda bz this last few days.

Alas, got to drop by starbucks and get here's a quick one for everyone...on my last trip to Terengganu for Tg Farah's wedding...

I took AirAsia (again) and thank god everything went smoothly this time....besides the fact I miss my flight back because I didn't check the time...but that is another story for another time , heheheh!( kalau salah sendiri memang selalu elak dari diceritakan, betul tak??)

I arrived at the new wing of Kuala Terengganu airport...for anyone who has never been there before, here's a snap of visual confirmation to feast your eyes on...

Did I fail to mention that the building is not even completed yet???Dinding pun tak abis naik lagi, yet they let people go about the building....ish ish...sangat la tak patut and dangerous ok, nanti kalau collapse macam mana??

This is the blushing bride, Tg Farah. I missed her so much!!!! Last time we met was a few years back, when she was a Master's student in time flies!!!Hidung dia mancung kan???hehehe...power of make-up!!!
Tha's during the sarung cincin ceremony...she definitely got a huge rock on her hands...too bad I can't get close enough to snap it (not that I did not try....there's just too many peeps ok, relatives dia lagi, segan aku sibok2 nak tangkap gambar cincin dia...)
The interesting thing is that the wedding is held in a restored 18th century palace named Laman Pura Tanjung Sabtu, owned by the bride's uncle. The place is breathtaking!!!The scenary and fresh air (not to forget the antique furniture in the place) makes it seem somewhat out of the ordinary..

Thanks to my photosnapping hobby, I hereby give all of you a little tour of the place it goes....

*That's me at one of the wooden staircase*
*The verandah attached to the bridal room*

*I just have to take a pic of this...the lavishly adorned bathroom, complete with shower and bathtub. In the mood to have a shower and get in touch with nature? Guess what, the bathroom has no roof and doors, just 3-sided walls around fact, all theirs bathroom are made that way to preserve the 18th century architecture...*
*The room of the bride and groom*

*At the main living room...see the display case behind me??/If I ever knock that down, I'll be indebted for life and poor as hell ok*
*me as asma goofing around*
*with the rest at the living room....behind us are century-old portraits of Farah's ancestors*

To Farah and Bob....I wish you both all the best and may you guys be blessed with happiness and lots of kids.

P/S Bob: Thanks for the loan...hahahah!(trust me its is so embarrasing!!!!!itula, sape suruh potong semua credit card ye tak???) . Will definitely get back to you when you are around in KL.

Friday, November 9, 2007

More pics of me!!!

So how does my new hair do fare me?

I suppose it has done me quite good...not having to bother about tying it up (or down), having it in abun, make sure it's adequately mosturised.....short hair is definitely more manageable...

But the downside is, I am yet to get used to the look...what angle will appear best if I'm taking photos, so I am having problems adjusting and getting the right lately, I am not m,ch of a camera freak because I fear that the photo's will turn out so horrible, I might end up thinking that I am ugly...

In which is so NOT true!!!!

So this is my close up....taken with my hair just recently washed and not so blow-dried-as-usual look. Just look at that chapped lips? That was how horrible it was when I got to Laura Mercier yesterday....I have been having that problem for weeks now! Not that I don't take enough water ke, I take lots since my teammates are H2O geeks and it's kinda an "IN" thing to drink that instead of coffee (but that doesn't mean I skipped m,y caffein, no.....I am a coffee lover through and through, if I don't get coffee I'll probably die!).

Don't worry peeps, more pics to come after the weekends...time time wedding haruslah tangkap banyak2 gambar, so will definitely post more next week!~

And I will definitely put on makeup....tak best la pengantin je yang cantik kan?

I'm flying AirAsia (again???) to Terengganu this weekend...

Gosh...ingatkan dah serik naik AirAsia!!!!

Tapi nak buat macam mana, tiket MAS sangat mahal okeh!!!Tak mampu la nak beli tiket dekat RM500 just for the weekend. Gaji cikurat ku ini sangat limited, so kena la berbudget sikit..

Why am I going to Terengganu in the first place???

It's Tg Farah's wedding...and tak sampai hati la pulak nak miss since we were very close back at UiTM. I dah janji ok since last 5 years nak pergi wedding dia!!!Rasa macam tak best kalau tak pergi eventhough I tak dapat cuti, even when Che Farah takde coz she's somewhere in another continent and I'm not particularly sure who else would be there...

Still, it'll be fun! Weddings is always fun!

I just hope that there is no more delay! AirAsia kaki suka delay, I hate it when I have to wait at the airport for hours just because they decided that the flight is not full and (happily) make everyone wait for the next one.

Ko tunggula bila Firefly can fly to more places...I will definitely switch. For now tahan je la....

Beauty Bar is Back!!!...with Laura Mercier

I have never tried Laura Mercier before but yesterday, I made two new discoveries that I just can't resist!!!! I spent almost an hour at the Laura Mercier's counter at the Pavilion and look what I found....

Laura Mercier One-Step facial cleanser....the all in one make-up remover, cleanser and toner in a bottle that works like miracle!My face never felt so clean and hydrated, and I think its very handy to have around, especially for a quick clean face!

And another star product and must have....Lip Silk treatment cream for the lips...zaps away dry chap lips in seconds. I was so amazed!!!I came at the counter with very very dry lips and within minutes its mosturised and all chappiness gone! I must have one on the next pay day! Once I have it I can give away all my lip balms...hehehehe!!!So less mess at my make up table !!!

Kan best kalau banyak duit...tak payah tunggu pay day...(sigh!!!)


I spent the day browsing the shops at the Pavilion yesterday, and just out of curiosity went in to Tiffany & Co.

I had never dreamed to ever go in that place, to me it must be some overpriced jewellery store that I could never afford. The price range is way out of budget.
But I have to admit one thing....the rings are to die for!!!

I instantly fell in love with the Tiffany's Bubbles ring, but what really caught my eye is the Tiffany's Novo cut ring...

Its 2 carats of bliss.... not only does it shines like nobody's business, just to try it on for a few seconds took my breath away, I am choking in happiness...

Until somebody can earn almost RM100k and get one for me, it'll remain in dreams ( I suppose)...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dry Hands

I felt that lately my hands are quite dry...

Maybe the aircond is too cold, or maybe I just have been neglecting it...and it has already reached its peak, so my hands are showing signs of brittle, old hands...

I'm just being paranoid!!!!

So this morning when I left for work, I made it point clear to bring my Nivea mosturising lotion.Sigh....I wish I had more expensive lotion I can talk about, but hey, I'm on a budget here, and Nivea is not bad.

Among other lotions that I love are;
1. Bodyshop strawberry and satsuma lotion - smells so yummylicious!!!
2. Eubos hand lotion - this is superhydrating ok, I have a small tube in my drawers just for emergency!!!
3. Bodyshop african spa hydrating lotion - this is best coupled with the african spa body scrub and body mask....after all that you're skin will feel so good, it's like you're a princess.

Lotions I'd love to try....
1. Benefit Oh-My-Baby

Can't think of anything else!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

High maintenance???

Sape kata aku high maintenance memang sangat pembohong ok....see, aku dah amik test and it says......

You Are Low Maintenance

Otherwise known as "too good to be true"
You're one laid back chica - and men love that!
Just remember that no good guy likes a doormat.
So if you find your self going along to get along...
Stop yourself and put up a little bit of a fight.

In fact...the results say i should put a little bit of a fight to get what i want!!!!

Harusla practice kan????

The baby

Peeps, meet my Alani....
The baby who was brought to me by a flying geese (what's the name of the bird again in the old fairy tales that brings baby in baskets to ppl's homes???)...
Aint she cute??

Thursday, November 1, 2007

On breaking up.....

I have been faced with confusions lately, and interestingly I found this quiz on breakup and this is what it has to say....

You Should Consider Taking a Break!

So maybe this guy isn't break up material...
But you've had enough of him, for now.
Tell him you want a break - or keep it to yourself.
Either way, spend some time away from this guy -
And see if absence makes *your* heart grow fonder.

Hmm....I suppose, there is a point in being honest....