Friday, November 9, 2007

Beauty Bar is Back!!!...with Laura Mercier

I have never tried Laura Mercier before but yesterday, I made two new discoveries that I just can't resist!!!! I spent almost an hour at the Laura Mercier's counter at the Pavilion and look what I found....

Laura Mercier One-Step facial cleanser....the all in one make-up remover, cleanser and toner in a bottle that works like miracle!My face never felt so clean and hydrated, and I think its very handy to have around, especially for a quick clean face!

And another star product and must have....Lip Silk treatment cream for the lips...zaps away dry chap lips in seconds. I was so amazed!!!I came at the counter with very very dry lips and within minutes its mosturised and all chappiness gone! I must have one on the next pay day! Once I have it I can give away all my lip balms...hehehehe!!!So less mess at my make up table !!!

Kan best kalau banyak duit...tak payah tunggu pay day...(sigh!!!)


mz ayam said...

Hi Zuraida,

I have never used LM's skincare products but been using their cosmetics for the past few years.Dah baca you punya review ni teringin pulak nak try their skincare products. Sigh....



Zuraida said...

U use their cosmetics???

i also love their foundation primers...sangat tak oily and very hydrating!!!