Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dry Hands

I felt that lately my hands are quite dry...

Maybe the aircond is too cold, or maybe I just have been neglecting it...and it has already reached its peak, so my hands are showing signs of brittle, old hands...

I'm just being paranoid!!!!

So this morning when I left for work, I made it point clear to bring my Nivea mosturising lotion.Sigh....I wish I had more expensive lotion I can talk about, but hey, I'm on a budget here, and Nivea is not bad.

Among other lotions that I love are;
1. Bodyshop strawberry and satsuma lotion - smells so yummylicious!!!
2. Eubos hand lotion - this is superhydrating ok, I have a small tube in my drawers just for emergency!!!
3. Bodyshop african spa hydrating lotion - this is best coupled with the african spa body scrub and body mask....after all that you're skin will feel so good, it's like you're a princess.

Lotions I'd love to try....
1. Benefit Oh-My-Baby

Can't think of anything else!!!

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