Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm flying AirAsia (again???) to Terengganu this weekend...

Gosh...ingatkan dah serik naik AirAsia!!!!

Tapi nak buat macam mana, tiket MAS sangat mahal okeh!!!Tak mampu la nak beli tiket dekat RM500 just for the weekend. Gaji cikurat ku ini sangat limited, so kena la berbudget sikit..

Why am I going to Terengganu in the first place???

It's Tg Farah's wedding...and tak sampai hati la pulak nak miss since we were very close back at UiTM. I dah janji ok since last 5 years nak pergi wedding dia!!!Rasa macam tak best kalau tak pergi eventhough I tak dapat cuti, even when Che Farah takde coz she's somewhere in another continent and I'm not particularly sure who else would be there...

Still, it'll be fun! Weddings is always fun!

I just hope that there is no more delay! AirAsia kaki suka delay, I hate it when I have to wait at the airport for hours just because they decided that the flight is not full and (happily) make everyone wait for the next one.

Ko tunggula bila Firefly can fly to more places...I will definitely switch. For now tahan je la....

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