Friday, November 23, 2007

Struggling for my Sanity

I'm driven to madness....

I haven't been in such a farking mess since (God know's when!!!!)....hmm....quite some time that suddenly my work load is driving me insane!!!

I feel like crying!!!!!

I have (almost) blown away my cool, constantly having negative thoughts, in a damn farking bad mood....I need to chill, but I thinl my chill pill had ran out...sigh!!!

*My boss kept on saying to keep on thinking positive and it'll all be sorted out....easier said than done I'm supose...hwah!!!!!!!! I know, I know...he's just trying to keep my spirits up...but why can't he give us an extended dealine instead???it'll definitely help better than just mere words!!!

God I wish I can wisk up a miracle and all of this can go away...

Apart from work related stress, the week hasn't been that good car got hit last week, my stuff hasn't been packed for the move, the new house hasn't been confirmed....not to metion laundry piling like nobody's business.

Again I wish I had a magic wand.....thank God my sis is coming over this weekend and help out.Otherwise I'm dead meat (salami???).

I suppose I just have to think more of the good things that will come (if ever!!!I can't even stop thinking about work!!!Damn I'm fidgeting!!!) like tomorrow's breakfast with Tina (yeah, finally, hope she doesn't get all sick again..), moving out to a new house (getting the keys on Sunday, hopefully), annual dinner on the 30th (will definitely find a way to enjoy and leave all this things behind) and the department quarterly gathering on 15th December....but most of all...Singapore at the end of the year!!!Here I come!!!! I know, the chill gang's plan to go to Kopangan for New Year celebration is definitely cooler than time out in the Lion City,but I can't afford leave on 2nd Singapore it is for me (plus I might not have the budget!hehheheh!).

It's ok, maybe things will get better...hopefully....

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