Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Agensi Mencari Jodoh...

Its the season for break up and finding new love....I know a lot of people who are now SINGLE again and back in the game of searching their one true love...

Each and every one of them screaming for me to find them someone (hehehe...literally speaking la...)

So if there is anyone out there interested in attractive, intelligent (not to mention HOT!) single girls...I have a buffet of them to chose from...hahahaahh!!!

So gimme a holler!!!

P/S : This public service message is posted because I feel like there is a poster saying "MATCHMAKING AGENCY - PLS REFER INSIDE " stamped over my forehead...and in dire need of finding suitable male candidate for my "now-single" female friends as my available resources are exhausting at the speed of light because most guys in my "list" are either in a relationship, married, engaged or "just-can't-cut-it!".

PP/S : If you think that being male makes the cut...please be warned that you will have to go through a rigourous interviewing process to assess suitability with my female candidates, and trust me , my standards are super high, it wont be easy ( plus its for your own benefit, if you guys can't gel socially then what's the point of pushing it...right?????).

PPP/S : And my candidates are definitely HOT! For confidentiality purposes, I can't publish their pic on my blog...otherwise guys will just drool over them and their laptop/PC screens might get flooded.

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